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Family Game Night Ideas To Celebrate Father’s Day

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Celebrate Father’s Day with our fun family game night ideas! Grab some brilliant games, some delicious snacks and have a great time!

Celebrate Father’s Day with some good old fashioned family time and create a family game night – our easy fun ideas are simple to put together and will really make some happy family memories.

It’s more important than ever to have fun at home as a family and create great memories. The simple things in life are often the best!

How do you make family games night fun?

It’s super easy to create a fun games night the whole family can enjoy.

  • Pick games that are age appropriate and the kids can really enjoy playing.
  • Add in a few delicious snacks and drinks
  • Put the mobile phones away and just spend a few hours invested in family time.
dad and son playing stare off

What are the best games for family game night?

selection of games - Rummikub, Stare Off,Tetris 3D, Grabolo and Rubik's Revolution

We’ve been trying out a great range of games from Ideal Games – brilliant family favourites including…

  • Stare Off
  • Tetris 3D
  • Rubiks Revolution
  • Grabolo
  • Rummikub

Stare Off – a super competitive game of staring skill! Lock eyes – try out your distraction techniques and stare your competitor out to win!

Tetris 3D – my kids love this game – we set the timer and GO! See who can build the 3D cube the fastest.

dad and son playing Tetris 3D

Rubiks Revolution – a brilliant interactive twist on the traditional Rubik’s cube – you’ll need quick thinking and fast hands to play – race against time to find the correct light/sound combinations.

dad and son playing Rubik's revolution

Grabolo – such a simple game but one that the whole family can play. Roll the dice and grab the correct coloured piece. You’ve got to be fast! This game is really competitive and guarantees giggles.

Dad and son playing Grabolo

Rummikub – a classic number strategy game – be the first to place all your number tiles to win the game, educational and fun!

What are good snacks for game night?

Mmmm with all that game playing going on you’re going to want to add in some great tasting snacks to keep everyone fuelled up!

Loads more ideas for family celebrations here!

Some tasty snacks to try out are…

  • Taco Dogs – create a hot dog station – slide hot dogs into rolls and let the kids load them up with classic taco toppings – guacamole, salsa and spicy slaw. Get the taco dog recipe here.
  • Mars Bar Dip – throw together a super sweet dipping platter with our delicious mars bar chocolate dip, served with marshmallows, strawberries and pretzels. Get the mars bar dip recipe here.
  • Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates – don’t forget to whip up some delicious game night drinks. Maybe try out our fantastic salted caramel chocolates with added sparklers!
  • Cherry Coke Floats – if hot chocolate isn’t your thing then you might just LOVE our retro coke floats! Get the cherry coke float recipe here.

We hope you enjoy our “stay home” Father’s Day celebration ideas and create some amazing memories for your family to cherish.

dad and son playing stare off

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