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Family meal plan 10th April 2017

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Monday – one pan tomato pasta

A really easy one pan pasta recipe, I add little dishes of toppings, like shredded ham, olives, mini mozzarella balls, for the kids to load up their pasta themselves.

Get the one pan pasta recipe here. 

Tuesday – lamb kofta kebabs

I’m just going to season lamb mince with spices, mould onto kebab sticks and grill.

Served with lots of salads, homemade hummus and toasted pitta breads. 

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Wednesday – easy chicken pilaf

We love this recipe, it’s easy and cheat-y.

Just sauté some chicken and chopped onions, stir in mild curry paste, add a cup of rice, frozen spinach and peas, cover with vegetable stock and simmer until everything is cooked through and the stock absorbed. 

Thursday – burgers

Shop bought beef burgers loaded with toppings, served with a side of onion rings. 

Friday – chilli chicken tacos

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Easy chicken tacos served with homemade pepper salsa and lots of salad.

Get the chicken taco recipe here. 

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Saturday – leek and feta tart

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Simple vegetarian tart, really easy to make and I’ll serve with salad, maybe chips.

Get the leek and feta tart recipe here. 

Sunday – roast chicken

I’ll cook up a simple rosemary and lemon stuffed roast chicken and serve with a side of Greek pasta salad to lighten up the Sunday roast and give it a spring twist. 

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