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Family meal plan 25th April 2016

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A really easy week of family dinner recipes, all easy to prepare, delicious to eat and plenty of time saving cheats to make family life easier.

Monday – piri-piri roast chicken with sweet potato wedges

A really easy tasty family dinner, just rub the chicken with piri-piri spice mix and roast in the oven as usual.

Serve with a sweet potato wedges and a pile of salad.

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Tuesday – lamb kebabs with rice and salad

This is a cheat recipe, I’ve picked up Aldi lamb kebabs and shall make herby rice and a big Indian style salad to go with them.

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Wednesday – Steak and chips

Simple grilled steak, with garlic butter and a pile of chunky oven baked chips.

Easy and delicious.

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Thursday – Homemade pizza

Depending on how much time I have I’ll either make proper homemade pizza from scratch or throw together some French bread pizzas.

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Friday – cheat’s tuna pasta bake

A big favourite with the kids this tuna pasta bake is really easy to make, packed with extra veggies and lovely with garlic bread.

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Saturday – smoky beef burritos

Fab recipe for a Saturday evening, smoky beef burritos are quick to prepare and cook, and another dinner recipe the kids just love.

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Sunday – roast beef dinner

I’ll be cooking the lazy way today and making slow cooker brisket in gravy and getting a little help from Aunt Bessie with potatoes, carrot and swede mash and Yorkshire puddings.

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