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Family Meal Plan 5th March 2018

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printable meal plan - text saying "Monday - BBQ chicken and baked sweet potatoes and salad, Tuesday - pie, chips and veggies, Wednesday - southern fried chicken, rice and veg, Thursday - french bread pizza and beans and slaw, Friday - posh dogs, Saturday - slow cooker chicken curry, Sunday - chicken roast dinner"

A weekly family meal plan filled with easy family dinner recipes – quick to make, low fuss preparation and meals I know the kids just love! 

Monday – BBQ chicken

Chicken thighs marinated in BBQ sauce and baked in the oven – I’ll do baked sweet potatoes, homemade coleslaw and salad alongside.

Grab the homemade coleslaw recipe here. 

Tuesday – Pie

A cheat dinner with shop bought pie, oven chips and green veggies.  

Wednesday – Southern Fried Chicken

Oven baked homemade crunchy southern fried chicken (recipe will be up later in the week).

I’ll make a veggie rice salad to go alongside.

Grab the rice salad recipe here.  

grey painted wooden IKEA footstool with white and purple enamel bowl on top filled with homemade veggie rice salad

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Thursday – French bread pizza

Getting the kids busy in the kitchen tonight making French bread pizza.

They can chop up the toppings and put together their own pizza creations – I’ll serve with a side of baked beans, sweetcorn and coleslaw.

Grab the French bread pizza recipe here.

A white plate with four french bread pizzas it, pizza topped with ham, cheese, pineapple and BBQ sauce, small white bowl of salad next to the plate

Friday – Posh dogs 

Friday was made for posh dogs! I’ll be loading up the hot dogs with homemade tomato salsa and homemade guacamole – totally delicious.

Grab the gourmet posh dog recipe here. 

hessian table cloth holding wooden chopping board with crusty french baguettes stuffed with hotdogs and dripping in guacamole, roast tomato salsa and jalapeño coleslaw

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Saturday – Easy slow cooker chicken curry

We love this curry – it’s so easy and packed with fresh veggies and way healthier than ordering a take-away – grab the slow cooker chicken curry recipe here. 

white plate with homemade slow cooker chicken curry scattered with coriander

Sunday – roast chicken dinner

Ahhh a huge roast dinner with chicken, chipolatas, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and loads of veggies. 

PS…. if you’re new to meal planning then check out our Meal Planning 101 it’s packed with tips and ideas to get you started. 

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white wooden table with spring paper flower crown made from green, white and yellow paper.
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purple and white enamel bowl filled with homemade baked southern fried chicken, bowl of salad by the side
Healthy Baked Southern Fried Chicken
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