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Family Meal Plan 7th August 2017

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A weekly family meal plan filled with totally delicious, easy to prepare family food, it’s not always from scratch, there’s often cheats involved, but it’s always yum!

Quick links to our favourite meals of the week below. 

Family meal plan, easy family recipes, meal planning tips and ideas
Moroccan Chicken Wraps
Moroccan Chicken Wrap Recipe, Easy chicken recipe
Quick Spicy Chicken and Rice
10 meals to make with roast in the bag chicken, easy chicken recipes, chicken dinner recipes
Italian Pasta Salad
Italian pasta salad recipe, quick pasta recipe, easy family dinner

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Lamb Kebabs and Greek Salad
lamb kebabs and greek salad, quick meal ideas with lamb, midweek dinner, easy family food
Sweet Chilli Chicken Wraps & Chinese Chips
sweet chilli chicken wrap recipe, easy chicken recipe, family dinner
Ham and Cheese Puff Rolls
ham and cheese puff pastry roll ups, quick snack recipes, easy family food

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Sweet Potato Soup
sweet potato and sage soup, sweet potato recipes, easy soup recipe, easy family food from daisies and pie
Veggie Breakfast Scramble 

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