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Feel Good Activities for December

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Christmas tree with coloured twinkling lights and decorations - pan of mulled wine with oranges and cloves. Text overlay saying "feel good December - 31 totally feel good activities to blast away the winter blues"

Feeling good and self care have been at the front of the queue for me this year – taking care of yourself and catching some happiness IS LIFE – So I’m planning another feel good December, here’s what I’m thinking…. 

Feel Good Activities for December
1 – Get Organised 

I always feel better if I’m organised. So first December I’ll be getting my ass to the table and writing my to-do lists for December so that I stay on track and don’t miss a thing! 

2 – BIG Christmas clean

Every year I do a big clean up before Christmas – I go through all the cupboards and clear out anything we no longer want or use and donate to it to the charity shop. Grab our cleaning checklists here

3 – Get the Christmas decorations up early

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I want a nice long, happy festive season so I’m getting the decorations up early and filling my house with twinkling lights and a festive vibe. 

4 – Write the Christmas cards

I’ll be spending the evening writing Christmas cards and adding little letters for the people I don’t see that often – because letters are NICE. And… if I’m writing cards then festive chocolate treats and a glass or two of something fizzy or warming would be great alongside. 

5 – Festive Hot Chocolate

homemade peanut butter hot chocolate with chocolate sprinkles on top on a red flowery tray

Simmer up some luxurious, indulgent hot chocolate creations in the kitchen, light some candles, grab some nice biscuits and get a little late afternoon hot chocolate hygge fix. You might just love our creamy peanut butter hot chocolate recipe here

6 – Visit a Winter Festival 

Wrap up warm and head on out to a wintery food festival or Christmas market, even the little local Christmas Fair would be great. 

7 – Play in the snow

The second you get the chance play in the snow! Build that snowman, throw the snowballs and YES catch snowflakes on your tongue…. Because it’s FUN. 

8 – Plant Spring Bulbs

Get the kids outside in the garden and plant up pots of spring bulbs now and they’ll be bursting into flower come the first signs of spring and they’ll look lovely by the front door.

9 – Make some festive wrap 

homemade Christmas wrapping paper using brown paper and snowflake ink stamp

Personalise your wrapping paper and make simple printed, stylish wrap. This is a great festive craft for kids to get involved with. Full instructions for festive wrapping paper here.

10 – Make the house cosy 

There is just nothing better than walking through the door into a warm, cosy home. Make it smell good – use natural scents like cloves and oranges, cinnamon and vanilla. Add some soft, warm throws and cushions, light candles, dim the lights and just enjoy. 

11 – Don’t put it off 

If you’ve been putting off something for a while now… you know the type of thing – moving some old stuff into the loft, fixing the dripping tap, mending the fence… get it done. Pick one thing and do it!

12 – Sing Christmas Carols

Make time to go to a Christmas carol service or carols around the tree. Check out your local council or what’s on website to find out where your nearest service is.

13 – Make a reading nook

young boy reading a book snuggled up amongst cushions and blankets with fairy lights decorating  

Kids love snuggling up in a little den or nook with a good book. You can put together a reading nook in just a few minutes, probably with things you have lying around the house already. Check out our Create a Reading Nook post.

14 – Festive Foodbank

Drop off a few festive treats to the local food bank – you don’t have to spend a lot – just a handful of things will help. 

15 – Make Mince Pies 

Well… when I say make, obviously I mean the easy ones, get the kids busy in the kitchen with a pack of ready rolled pastry, jar of mincemeat – 30 minutes later and you’ll have freshly baked mince pies. Add a cup of coffee for a lovely festive elevenses time.

16 – Watch the sunset

Pick a bright cold day and make time to watch the winter sunset – the colours in the sky at this time of year are beautiful and uplifting to see. 

17 – Make pomanders 

I love to make these every year. There’s something very satisfying about poking all the beautifully scented cloves into the oranges in lovely patterns. It’s relaxing and smells of Christmas.

18 – Make a special Christmas Card 

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Help your little one to make a special Christmas card for their grandparents – our little star card is just perfect as the star can be used as a tree ornament too. Get the star card instructions here. 

19 – Make an edible gift

homemade vintage chocolate dipping spoons sprinkled with edible glitter on a rustic grey table

Need some last minute edible gift ideas – try our delicious vintage chocolate dipping spoons – lovely to make, great to receive and super tasty stirred into coffee or hot chocolate. Get the dipping spoon instructions here

20 – Mull some wine 

mulled wine in a pan with oranges and cloves

Perfect for warming up after a cold winter walk – grab the mulled wine recipe here.

22 – Play snowman slingshot

We love this – make up some little cardboard snowmen then…. 

Get the Snowman Slingshot instructions here

23 – Festive Film Afternoon

Seriously is it even Christmas until you’ve watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and Home Alone? Snuggle up, lay out the snacks and settle down for an afternoon of festive films. 

24 – Twas the night before Christmas

Leave Father Christmas his sherry and Rudolph his carrot then head off to bed and read the Night Before Christmas with the kids. Little traditions and all that.

25 – Enjoy It

Just enjoy every second of Christmas Day

26 – Winter Walk

Get outdoors and walk off a few of those festive calories! Fresh air and exercise is always a good thing on Boxing Day! 

27 – Curl up with a new book 

Switch off the social media and snuggle up in a cosy chair with a new book. 

28 – Games Afternoon 

Spend the afternoon with the kids playing traditional board games – drag out the Monopoly, Trivial Pursuits and Scrabble for a good old fashioned competition! 

29 – Make a natural bird feeder

natural bird feeder hung in the garden in front of a beach hut style shed in yellow and white

This is a lovely wildlife activity for kids to get involved with – scoop out the insides of a small squash and fill with birdseed – get the instructions for our bird feeder here

30 – Try a new recipe 

Pick out a new recipe and get busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm! 


Reminisce, tidy away Christmas – I like to go into the New Year with a clean and tidy house. Take part in the tradition of going out of the back door of the house a couple of minutes before midnight and bringing the New Year in through the front door on the strike of 12… don’t forget the coins and coal.

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