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Feel good activities for Spring

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We’ve got 20 feel good activities that are perfect for putting a breath of fresh air into Spring. All these feel good activities make me really happy! 

Feel Good Activities for Spring
1 – May Day Festival

Visit a local May Day Festival, Village Fete or Famers Market and soak up the atmosphere. 

2 – Spring flower posy

Tie a little posy of spring flowers with pretty ribbon or simple string and if they’re from the garden then that’s even nicer. 

3 – Coffee outside

Take time to drink a cup of coffee outdoors in the morning sunshine, maybe make it at home and meander into the garden or onto your balcony, or sit outside a cafe and watch the world go by. 

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4 – Go for a walk

Plan a walk, maybe head off to the countryside, or local park and enjoy the outdoors. 

5 – Cook up a spring dinner

Cook up a delicious spring dinner, maybe a simple spring vegetable risotto, herby omelette or griddle some tasty seasonal asparagus and dip into boiled eggs. 

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6 – Spring clean

Give the house a top to toe spruce up, clear out your unwanted clutter, and really deep clean and freshen your living space – we’ve loads of spring cleaning tips and tricks here. 

7 – Write a letter

Write an actual letter, choose nice paper or a pretty little card and send it in the mail to a friend you’ve not heard from in a while. It’s always nice to get real mail. 

8 – BBQ breakfast

This is one the kids have been pestering to do for a while, so I’ll get out the fire pit and let them help cook up a BBQ breakfast in the garden. A bit like camping, but at home!

9 – Gardening

Take on a little gardening project, could be just getting outdoors and weeding the flower beds, or maybe plant up some pretty window boxes, or a lovely pot for by the front door with lavender or rosemary. 

10 – Wine and wood burners.

Chill out, light candles and enjoy a cool glass of wine, maybe wrap up warm and drink it outdoors with friends by the log burner. 

11 – Visit the fairground

Enjoy a little retro fun with the kids and visit the fairground at the seaside, take a ride or two and enjoy traditional sea side treats of candy floss, sugary doughnuts and sea side fish and chips!

12 – Fly a kite

Kids love flying kites, head off to the beach, park or up a hill and enjoy yourself. 

13 – Go walking in the rain

Wellies on, raincoats zipped up and go splash in the puddles, it’s free and loads of fun. 

14 – Bring Spring indoors 

Add a touch of spring to your home with vases of tulips and daffodils, or little egg cups stuffed with cherry blossom. 

15 – Make Spring Nature Crowns

Get creative with the kids and make spring nature crowns, adorned with spring blossoms, ribbons, twigs and any other little nature treasures the kids have picked up. 

16 – Spring picnic

Head off for a spring picnic, you can’t go wrong with a basket of yummy food, keep it simple, think cloudy lemonade, doorstop sandwiches, pasties and scones with jam and cream… 

17 – Help the kids build a den

Get out in the garden and help the kids build a den, you can use old sheets, garden canes, cushions and decorate it with strings of bunting and fairy lights. 

18 – Plant some vegetables

You don’t need a huge garden or acres of space, you can plant up some vegetables in tiny spaces, even on balconies and in back yards. Try tubs of salad, hanging baskets with strawberries or for a quick win cress caterpillars

19 – Air the house

Open up all the windows wide and let the spring breeze freshen up your home. 

20 – Spring baking

Get busy in the kitchen and bake some delicious spring treats, try our lemon and poppy seed scones with curd and clotted cream, little lemon drizzle cupcakes or some gorgeous lemon and blueberry muffins

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