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Five Family Meals To Make With Minced Beef

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When you’re cooking for a family it’s always good to know easy meals to make with minced beef! Minced beef is a go to family dinner ingredient!

Kids just seem to love anything made with minced beef!

I know whatever I cook up with beef mince the kids will eat. Here’s the top five minced beef recipes that guarantee me empty plates at the end of dinner.

Best of all they’re all super easy dinner recipes – and what busy parent doesn’t want that?!

Five Easy Meals To Make With Minced Beef

5 meals to make with minced beef - minced beef pie, bolognese pasta bake, beef mince curry and savoury mince

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Bolognese Pasta Bake

Bolognese pasta bake is a super easy meal to make with minced beef! And the most comforting delicious way to eat pasta bolognese.

A rich and flavourful bolognese sauce tossed with pasta shapes and baked in the oven with Cheddar cheese on top. Perfect for weeknight dinner and great served with garlic bread and just some veggies from the freezer.

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meals to make with minced beef - bolognese pasta bake served with peas and sweetcorn and garlic baguette slices

Minced Beef Pie – Meals To Make With Minced Beef

We get the slow cooker to simmer up the pie filling during the day. Then simply top with a Jus-Rol puff pastry sheet and finish in the oven.

Minced beef pie is great served with mashed potatoes and broccoli with some onion gravy poured over. Totally delicious comfort food dinner and always guarantees me empty plates!

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enamel tray with homemade minced beef pie - meals to make with minced beef

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Beef Mince Curry – Meals To Make With Minced Beef

This quick, simple beef mince curry is totally delicious and a whole lot cheaper than take out!

It’s a great meal for Friday nights. We usually serve with boiled rice, naan breads, popadoms and Indian mint sauce – sometimes a few spicy fries!

I think you’ll just LOVE how easy and tasty this curry is. It’s a total family favourite!

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curried beef mince in a large Le Creuset casserole pan, served alongside fluffy basmati rice scattered with chopped coriander, mini garlic naan breads, mango chutney, chilli and onions chopped ready to scatter on the curry and popadoms

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Savoury Mince

Cook up a panful of super easy savoury mince,

A great budget dinner recipe that’s always popular and just delicious served with mashed potatoes and vegetables for an easy weeknight dinner.

This meal is great for bulking up too – if you need it to feed more people you can easily add in more vegetables, canned lentils or beans or even chopped potatoes.

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white plate with pile of homemade savoury mince served over cheesy mashed potatoes with a side of peas and corn - meals to make with minced beef

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Lancashire Potato Hash – Meals To Make With Minced Beef

Lancashire potato hash is proper old school comfort food.

A one pot classic family meal up here in Manchester! Made with just minced beef, onions, carrots, potatoes and beef stock it’s a very thrifty, economical family dinner.

Warming and filling and super easy to make!

And oh so good served with lots of crusty bread, spread thickly with butter – a delicious way to mop up the gravy!

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black le creuset saucepan filled with Lancashire potato hash - meals to make with minced beef

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