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Five things to declutter this weekend

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Wondering “what should I get rid of when decluttering?” Well we’ve got five things to declutter this weekend to easily kick start your journey to a tidier home.

Weekend is a great time to squeeze in a little decluttering – a clutter free, cleaner, tidier house is a good thing.

It’s actually better for your mental health and wellbeing!  Yes, really!

So we’ve got five easy things to declutter for the weekend to really help you make a start on clutter free living. 

Under The Kitchen Sink – Things To Declutter Right Now

If when you open the cupboard under the sink you’re met with bottles and packets tumbling out, cleaning products and plastic bags pushed in anywhere…

Then stop it now and tackle the mess!

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Cleaning out under the kitchen sink is actual one of the small things to declutter, it really won’t take all that long but once it’s done, it always makes me happy.

  • Empty out the entire contents of the cupboard.
  • Vacuum out any bits
  • Throw away or recycle any rubbish
  • Reduce the number of cleaning products you own – try to choose multi-use products where you can.
  • Fold up cleaning clothes or store in little pots ready to use
  • Restock the cupboard neatly with products you use a lot at the front
  • Going forward, just try make more of an effort to keep it in order, then it won’t need a big declutter quite so often.

Linen Cupboard – Things To Declutter Today

In my house this is the boiler cupboard on the landing. It’s where I keep all the towels, bedding and even my ironing pile too.

It can quickly get messed up and end up with everything jumbled in together, especially when you’ve got a family and they rummage through things to find what they want…

  • Empty the entire cupboard
  • Vacuum out any bits
  • Give the cupboard a quick wipe down with hot soapy water and allow to dry 
  • Throw away or recycle any rubbish or unwanted items – bedding no longer needed can be donated to charity if it’s still in good condition.
yellow towel being folded neatly
  • Fold up your towels – grab our towel folding guide here. It’ll show you how to fold towels like they do at a spa. A super neat folding technique and because they’re neat it means more towels fit in the cupboard.
  • Put your bedding into sets – and fold the flat sheet and pillowcase inside the quilt covers to keep full sets of bedding together neatly. This just makes full sets easy to grab and go. Plus when ironing bedding it takes no time really to pack them neatly into sets for putting away.
  • Refill your cupboard neatly.

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Magazines And Newspapers – Things To Declutter In Your Home 

Get that messy pile on the coffee table under control! It’ll instantly make the living room look tidier. 

  • Go through the newspapers and magazines and recycle any you no longer want
  • Stack the ones you’re keeping neatly away in a magazine rack or make space on a bookshelf or cupboard for keeping them neatly stacked.

Kitchen Windowsill – Things To Declutter Today

This is one place in my home that alway attracts clutter – little finds from the kids pockets, things that just get put there because nobody actually knows what they’re for or what they even are… Well clean it up!

A tidy windowsill will make the kitchen look brighter and less cluttered

  • Clear off all the contents of the windowsill 
  • Throw away or recycle any items you don’t want
  • Give the windowsill a wipe down with hot soapy water and allow to dry.

Now would probably be a good time to clean the kitchen window too… you can get our homemade window cleaning spray recipe here – it’s so good and doesn’t leave streaks!

  • Find new homes for any bits and pieces you wish to keep – even if that means you have to set up a “junk drawer or box” 
  • Add some little pots of fresh herbs or vase of flowers so it looks fresh and clean

Medicine Cabinet – Things To Declutter Right Now 

It’s a good idea to go through the medicine cabinet every 6 months.

  • Take out any medication or vitamins that are past the expiry date – don’t throw these in the bin and don’t pour down the sink or flush down the toilet – take them to a local pharmacy for safe disposal. 
  • Make a note of any staples you’re running low on and remember to pick them up when you next go shopping. 

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