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Five things to make with fish fingers

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Five easy family dinner recipes you can make with a box of fish fingers! For those days when it HAS to be fish fingers

Everyone always has a box of fish fingers in the freezer… right?

And… if you’re cooking for kids then you’re definitely going to love these recipes!

Fish fingers are a kids staple in our house!

They’re just so perfect for those days when everyone is tired, or busy and dinner needs to be quick!

Plus I know when it’s fish fingers I’m guaranteed no fuss and empty plates!

Here’s five delicious meals you can make using fish fingers for those days when only they will do!

What Goes With Fish Fingers For Dinner?

plate of fish fingers. Text "5 fish finger recipes"

Fish fingers are actually really versatile and kids just love them!

So we’ve come up with five new easy family dinner ideas you can make using fish fingers that everyone will love.

They’re also a great option for lunchtime during the school holidays when it feels like you’re never out of the kitchen, with a constant round of meal – snack – meal – snack!

I think you’ll love these fish finger meal ideas.

Ultimate Fish Finger Sandwich Recipe

fish finger sandwich with oven baked wedges and creamy pesto pea dip served in a basket

For the ULTIMATE fish finger sandwich just split open a warm wholegrain bread roll and spread with a layer of mayonnaise instead of butter.

Next add some salad leaves – kids seem to prefer crunchy salad rather than a bistro type. But when I make this for me I go for rocket salad, so just feel free to choose your favourite.

Then slide on your cooked fish fingers and top with tartar sauce.

If you’ve got no tartar sauce add some more mayo or make your own quick tartar sauce with mayonnaise, a squeeze of lemon and some chopped capers.

Our fish finger sandwiches are delicious served with a side of potato wedges (from the freezer to save time) and a pot of pesto pea dip.

Pea dip is actually a delicious sneaky little way of getting extra veggies into the kids diets! It’s also great served with cheesy nachos.

Get the Pesto Pea Dip recipe here.

homemade pesto pea dip in a blue, white and red bowl. Beetroot chip being dipped into it

Fish Fingers and Chips Recipe

Go traditional and serve your fish fingers with a side of oven baked chips and a pot of homemade creamy mushy peas.

You can buy mushy peas in a can but making homemade mushy peas is really easy!

To make the mushy peas, cook frozen peas as per the packet instructions then whizz them in the food processor with a spoonful of cream cheese and a pinch of salt and black pepper. You could try using a garlic and herb flavoured cheese for added taste.

Fish Finger Waffle Stack Recipe

Cook the potato waffles and fish fingers in the oven as per the packet instructions.

Then stack up those potato waffles with fish fingers.

Think of the potato waffles as the burger bun and the fish fingers as the burger. Then add a handful of grated cheese and melt under the grill.

Waffle stacks are extra nice with a good squirt of hot chilli sauce or pot of BBQ beans served on the side. I tend to do that just so I know they’re eating towards their 5-a-day.

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Fish Finger Wrap Recipe

These fish stick wraps are insanely popular at our house and during school holidays these are served up for lunch at least once a week!

two plates with fish finger wraps on them - wraps have mayonnaise, salad, cucumber, fish fingers and a drizzle of ketchup - there's a bowl of chips and bottles of vimto with black and white striped straws

Grab yourself a soft flour tortilla wrap and spread it with creamy mayonnaise.

Then load it up with crunchy salad – you know the ones, the ready to eat salad packs with Iceberg lettuce, red cabbage and carrots.

Add on some cucumber slices too. Because kids just seem to love cucumber.

Slide on the cooked fish fingers and drizzle over the ketchup or BBQ sauce if that’s your thing.

Fold the fish finger wraps and tuck in the ends.

Serve with a side of oven fries and maybe some sweetcorn cobs or a pot of baked beans.

Fish Finger Pie Recipe

Add a layer of cooked fish fingers to a small deep oven proof dish (you might want to tip over a tin of warmed baked beans here too….)

Top the layered fish fingers with creamy mashed potato – you could stir some cooked peas and corn into the mash if you like.

Then add a layer of grated cheese over the top of the potatoes and then brown under the grill until the cheese is melting and bubbling.

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Things To Serve With Fish Fingers

Loads of things go with this easy meal idea – try

  • Herby diced potatoes – a delicious potato side dish that kids just LOVE – gently spiced with paprika and mixed herbs and finished with soured cream, spring onions and fresh chives.
  • Easy bean salad – a quick and easy mixed bean salad in vinaigrette dressing. Great alongside a convenience food meal as it adds extra fibre and portion of vegetables.
  • Nando’s style peas – we just LOVE these homemade Nando’s style peas – spicy, minty, buttery peas – our favourite way to eat them.

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More Easy Dinner Ideas To Make

  • Cajun prawn tacos – simple taco recipe with Cajun spiced prawns and a mango salad – sweet, juicy and delicious. Great for a quick midweek dinner.
  • Smoky beef burritos – load up the table with smoky beef and lots of toppings and let everyone dive in and make up their own burritos.
  • Homemade chicken dippers – a healthy twist on chicken dippers – these baked homemade dippers are super easy and super tasty.

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Need Some More Family Meal Ideas?

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Save our delicious meal ideas to Pinterest for later!

plate of fish fingers. Text "5 fish finger recipes"

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