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Frosty star stained glass windows

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Frosty star stained glass window craft for kids. This gorgeous winter craft is simple and looks really pretty, it’s a craft kids just love to make. 

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What you need to make frosty star stained glass windows
  • A4 sheet of paper
  • A4 piece of black card
  • star shape templates or cookie cutters
  • pencil
  • scissors 
  • glue
  • blue tissue paper
  • white tissue paper
  • blue cellophane
How to make frosty star stained glass windows 
  • First create the stained glass window template – fold a piece of paper in half and cut a curved shape on one side. 
  • Draw around the template onto the reverse side of the black card.
  • Cut out the black card stained glass window shape. 
  • Use star shaped cookie cutters to draw star shapes onto the back of the card – leave a 1 cm gap all around the outside of the window for the window frame. 
  • Cut out the star shapes.
  • Cut strips of tissue paper and cellophane.
  • Glue the reverse of the stained glass window.
  • Stick the strips of coloured paper onto the stained glass window – covering the stars. 
  • Trim around the edges and put the stained glass window up in the window for the winter sun to shine through.


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