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Garden Furniture Ideas to WOW!

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Summer is in full swing and we’ve found the most GORGEOUS garden furniture ideas that really will impress! These statement style pieces would add the wow factor to any garden this summer.

outdoor daybed for in the garden with scatter cushions, throws and lanterns

Rattan Garden Sofa

This beautifully stylish rattan garden sofa would be just perfect for relaxing on in the sun and snuggling up on in the evening.

We think this would look just beautiful adorned with solar powered fairy lights to really make it a pretty feature once the sun sets.

  • Price £899
comfy garden seating - rattan garden sofa with scatter cushions

Outdoor Sofa

outdoor sofa ottoman in pale burnt orange and grey - modern outdoor sofa

The Outdoor Living Ottoman Sofa and Armchair is the perfect choice for modern living.

Effortlessly stylish, beautiful muted colours and total comfort.

This range of outdoor furniture can be purchased as sofa, armchair or footstool.

  • Buy it here – Ottoman

Garden Daybed

outdoor daybed for in the garden with scatter cushions, throws and lanterns

Oh I mean come on… SERIOUSLY! This is the MOST comfortable garden furniture you could find!

With this outdoor daybed tucked away in the garden I’d be staying home all summer long!

The perfect place to relax, dream and watch the world go by lazily.

In fact – I’d be sleeping on this every single summer night.

  • Price – £4999

Garden Hammock

garden furniture ideas - boho hammock for in the garden

For those who just love a boho vibe in the garden, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful hammock. The perfect place to chill out and read a book in the sun.

We can see the kids LOVING lying in this!

  • Price – dependent on which frame/hangings you choose

Coloured Outdoor LED cube garden table

garden furniture - glow up garden chairs in pink and blue and red

 Illuminate your garden with this stunning multicoloured outdoor LED cube light up table by German high end designer- Moree.

The Cube table also doubles as a seat and makes a striking focal point for any living space.

We LOVE that you can choose and programme the light colour and brightness! Just HOW COOL are these? They’d be a totally stunning addition to any garden.

  • Price – £240

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Hanging Chair Swings for the Garden

hanging tent chair in pale grey

We just LOVE these Cacoon Double Hanging Chair Swing Tents.

Seriously what could be better than attaching your Cacoon Tent Chair to a tree for the afternoon and whiling away the hours in peace. 

bright pink hanging tent chair for the garden

We think these would be just the PERFECT addition to the garden if you’ve got kids – they’d be a great little chilled out den area for them to snuggle up in.

  • Price – £330

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Prices correct on 24/06/19

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