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Gifts for walkers

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Go Outdoors – Gifts for Walkers – Advertisement Feature

We’ve got some BRILLIANT ideas for gifts for walkers and hikers to really help them enjoy outdoor exercise even more!

Getting outdoor exercise is even more important than ever now and something we’re really enjoying getting into.

It’s not only a brilliant way to get fit but it’s also a great boost to happiness and wellbeing to spend time outdoors, amongst nature.

And with Christmas just a few weeks away we’ve got some great walking gifts and walking gadget ideas that would be the perfect present for walkers.

man and boy walking up a hill and getting outdoor exercise
Cleveley's Beach Lancashire Go Outdoors
Photo Credit – Andy Mallins Photos

It feels good to pull on your walking boots and go outdoors for a few hours. It’s a really effective mood booster!

mens waterproof walking boots from Go Outdoors in brown

Outdoor Exercise

I think after this year, in our family anyway we’ve all had a bit of a reset, just a look at how we spend our time, re-assess what’s important in life and what things make us feel good.

And spending more time outside and outdoor exercise has really been a great thing for us as a family. I mean not only is it pretty much free to do, there’s a whole lot of healthy benefits thrown in the mix too!

man leaning on a fence taking in the benefits of fresh air as he looks across the countryside

Gifts for walkers

Walking gifts that any rambler or ‘want to be hiker’ would just love!

  • Mens walking boots – a pair of mens waterproof walking boots will make all that time outdoors a whole lot more comfortable
  • Down coat – keep the chill off in a light weight down coat, perfect for rambling and hiking.
  • Waterproof coat – if there’s one thing every walker in the UK needs it’s a waterproof coat, there will be lots of walking in the rain!
  • Gillet or fleece – add an extra layer of warmth with a cosy gillet or fleece under your coat.
  • Leatherman multi tool pen knife – a perfect gift for ramblers or for any serious walker or hiker – super useful if you like to camp too.
  • Rucksack – a rucksack makes a great gift ideas for walkers, they can pack up a picnic, snacks and drinks and head out for hours.
  • Gloves – keep the chill off and gift your favourite outdoor lover a pair of warm and cosy gloves.
  • Double layer socks – these are a great gift idea for ramblers, they’ll make boots feel a whole lot more comfortable.
  • Head torch – a brilliant walking present, especially for going camping, these are super useful to have
  • Folding chair – now I think this is a BRILLIANT gift for walkers and hikers, when I’ve walked to somewhere really nice I like to throw up a chair and sit down and sip a flask of tea… whilst I take in the view.
  • Water bottle or flask – this is a really good present for walkers, it’s always handy to take water (and cups of tea) out walking.
  • First aid kit – mini travel first aid kits are really handy to keep in rucksacks when out and about, especially when walking with the kids, they’re a thoughtful gift for outdoor lovers!
mens waterproof walking boots from Go Outdoors in brown - man with foot up on fallen tree trunk looking out over lake and forest

Benefits of Fresh Air

  • Helps us to feel connected to nature.
  • It improves our mood and self esteem
  • Helps to improve our mental health
  • It’s a great at reducing stress levels and helping us to feel more relaxed
  • It improves our physical health spending time out walking and hiking
  • And increases our exposure to sunlight and vitamin D which is crucial in fighting infections like colds and flu.
  • It increases the serotonin levels making us feel happier
man in yellow coat and mens waterproof walking boots from Go Outdoors in brown walking through forest

Walking Gifts

mens waterproof walking boots from Go Outdoors in brown

Getting outdoor exercise is a great thing and really boosts mood, positivity and wellbeing as does being kind.

And that’s why we’re super happy that Go Outdoors gifted us a pair of mens waterproof walking boots to give to an amazing local charity The Brick

The Brick is a small project in Wigan that offers services to people who are homeless, in poverty or facing debt crisis. 

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South Stack Lighthouse Anglesey
Photo Credit – Andy Mallins Photography – Landscape Photography For Sale

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