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Easy family dinner ideas for autumn

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Give give your favourite family dinners an autumn twist with our 10 easy family dinner ideas for autumn

Here’s how to give ten favourite family meals an autumn twist. Switching up the ingredients to include delicious seasonal autumn produce but still serving up dinners you know the family love.

Easy family dinner ideas for autumn

Chicken Curry Recipe

enamel pan filled with cheat chicken balti recipe made from jarred curry sauce

Use our cheat chicken curry recipe and toss in diced sweet potatoes along with the fresh tomatoes, spinach and chicken. The curry sauce will hide the extra veggies and the kids won’t notice you sneaked them in.

Get the cheat chicken curry recipe here

Roast Chicken Dinner Recipe

Cook up your regular roast dinner and to add an autumn twist serve roasted sweet potatoes in amongst the regular roast potatoes or make up some root vegetable mash to go alongside the dinner, try a combination of carrots, sweet potatoes and celeriac.

Pasta Pesto Recipe

white wooden table with two bowls of pasta pesto using fusilli pasta, homemade pesto, spinach, black olives and baby plum tomatoes - two vintage silver forks by the bowls.

Kids just love pasta pesto – and it’s super easy to mix in extra veggies – you can hide a finely chopped and sautéed leek or kale amongst the pesto. Then stir through some chopped tomatoes and roast corn.

Get the basic pasta pesto recipe here

Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

slow cooker spaghetti bolognese served with peas and corn

Spaghetti bolognese is such and easy family dinner idea and it’s really easy to hide veggies in bolognese sauce. Grated sweet potato, carrots and celeriac will cook into the sauce an add a lovely sweet flavour.

Use our easy slow cooker bolognese recipe here and just add in your extra veggies.

Homemade Burger Recipe

loaded burger with salad, onions, cheese and relish

Make up your own beef burgers and add in grated beetroot or celeriac to the mix, alongside some mild spices like cumin or fennel. Serve them up in rolls with all the usual toppings – cheese, ketchup and salad leaves.

Adding veggies to burgers is great budget wise as it stretches the meat to feed more.

Grab our basic burger recipe here and just add in the veggies you like

Shepherds Pie Recipe

homemade shepherds pie with garlicky cabbage and Stokes brown sauce

Add onions and leeks into the meat sauce and top with a fluffy mashed potato with a twist, cook half the quantity of white potatoes and make up the difference with sweet potatoes and squash for a delicious, veggie packed, mashed potato topping.

Get our easy shepherds pie recipe here

Chicken Dippers Recipe

homemade chicken dippers serve with pot of BBQ dipping sauce

Serve up your usual chicken dippers or try our easy homemade chicken dippers recipe then add a side of sweet potato wedges and some roast tomato salsa for dipping.

Get the recipes here…

Homemade Pizza Recipe

white paper with pizza puff tarts on top

Cook up homemade pizza (or cheat with a puff pastry base) and top with delicious autumn vegetables like peppers, field mushrooms and fresh corn alongside your usual favourite toppings.

Get our cheat puff pastry pizza recipe here.

Sausage and Mash Recipe

Serve your usual sausages with a heap of colourful veggie mash, try a combination of sweet potatoes, carrot, butternut squash or pumpkin.

And for extra deliciousness pour over our cheat onion gravy!

cheat onion gravy being stirred with a wooden spoon

Pie & Chips

Cheat your way to a gorgeous pie to feed the whole family. Cook up a rich and delicious stew packed with autumn vegetables. We like steak and ale or chicken and sweetcorn and fill out the stew with squashes, carrots, leeks and mushrooms. Top with a puff pastry sheet.

Try turning our BEST stew recipes into a pie

4 images - smoky pumpkin soup, homemade puff pastry pizzas, homemade squash and pepper pie, slow cooker lamb stew. Text "family dinner ideas - 10 tasty autumn dinners -"

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