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Green Pod Recycling Bins Review

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Advertisement Feature & Review – Green Pod Recycling Bins

The Green Pod Recycling Bins is a brilliant new way to sort, store and transport your home recycling all in one convenient recycling bag.

Recycling our home waste is a super important way to contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

But unless you have proper recycling bins for home then all those empty jars, bottles and cans along with stacks of paper and cardboard can become annoying and unsightly to look at.

The Green Pod is a brilliant kitchen recycling bins system which you can easily fit into your kitchen, utility room or just by the door.

Green Pod recycling bins on the floor by a white door and next to a Dyson absolute vacuum cleaner which is attached to wall mount. Text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

The Green Pod has three separate compartments inside the outer bag so that you can sort your home recycling and pop it into the correct section ready for taking to the recycling centre.

Review -The Green Pod Recycling Bins

We’ve been trying out The Green Pod at home to see how easy to use and convenient it is.

Step One – Setting Up The Green Pod

The Green Pod arrives folded up ready for you to put together at home.

Green Pod recycling bin folded up on a white table. Text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

It’s super easy to put The Green Pod together – there’s step by step instructions on the The Green Pod Recycling Bin website with easy to follow diagrams.

The sides of the recycling bag unzip and you can slide in the inserts, this creates a sturdy bag which will hold all your home recycling securely in place.

Once the outer recycle bag has been put together the cardboard/paper bag and the tins/plastic inner bag just velcro into position.

The recycling bag for holding the glass is padded and has inserts so that it is extra sturdy and to prevent the glass from breaking.

All three bags just slip into place easily and quickly.

Step 2 – Using The Green Pod

When looking for recycling storage ideas, I think you’ll be really happy with The Green Pod recycling bins.

green pod recycling bin with the three inner recycling bags filled with recalling - one bag has plastic bottles and a spray bottle, the middle bag has two wine bottles with red caps and the last bag has folded brown cardboard. Text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

Each of the inner waste collection bags is around the same size as a shopping bag, so you can fit plenty in.

The added benefit of The Green Pod recycling bins is that the outer bag zips up completely so if you don’t want to see the recycling, then it can be zipped up and totally hidden out of sight.

Step 3 – Emptying The Green Pod Recycling Bins

The inner recycling storage bags are such a convenient size it’s easy to just pick one up on your way out and carry to the recycling bins when it’s full.

Alternatively you can zip up the outer pod bag and easily pick up using the sturdy handles and take the whole lot to the recycling centre in one go.

lady wearing camouflage running leggings and green Hunters wellington boots carrying the Green Pod recycling bins by the grey straps. Stood infant of a grey door on a tree patterned door mat on the concrete paving slab step. Text overlay reads "advertisement feature"

And when you get to the recycling centre it’s easy and much quicker to recycle because it’s all pre-sorted into separate bags.

We think if you’re looking for kitchen recycling bins then The Green Pod recycling bins make a great choice!

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The Green Pod Recycling Bins – Benefits!

There’s a few really good bits about The Green Pod which we really loved!

We loved that it’s made from recycled plastic! A recycled recycling bag can only be a good thing, right?

It’s great that you can pre-sort your recycling to save time later.

We like that’s it’s a really robust recycling bag, sturdy, chunky handles, and easy to carry.

AND a big thing here for us is that The Green Pod is easy to clean! Once you’ve removed the inserts then the whole outer pod bag and inserts are all wipeable and machine washable. So it’s easy to keep clean and fresh.

The Green Pod is available to buy from Green Pod Recycling Bin priced at £39.99

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