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Grundig – Respect Food

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We’re actually super happy to be teaming up with Grundig to chat about their Respect Food message! It’s something we care about a HUGE amount here at Daisies & Pie and as you know we are always looking at ways to respect food through careful meal planning, creative use or leftovers and ultimately reducing food waste.  

It’s so good to see a global brand with a strong eco-conscience working to develop innovative products which help consumers to fight food waste effortlessly. Grundig’s message to Respect Food is one we can totally get behind.  

We’ve been taking a look at Grundig’s integrated refrigeration appliances and are wowed not only with their technology to help reduce food waste, but also their stylish design, eco-friendly features and 5 year guarantee across the whole range!  

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If you’re looking at buying a new fridge freezer then these eco features will most definitely impress and go a long way to helping reduce food waste in the home.  

  • A++ energy rating which can save up to 40% in energy consumption compared to A rated appliances.
  • Duo Cooling – a great feature which maintains optimal humidity in the fridge and prevents food from drying out.
  • Frost Free – no frost, means no food sticking together and no defrosting needed.
  • Air Flow Cooling – keeps the fridge temperature just right and helps restore the optimum temperature quicker after the door has been opened. So food stays fresh for longer.
  • Super Fresh Zone – this zone is kept at just above freezing point, the perfect environment for storing fresh meat, fish and dairy produce, therefore reducing need to throw food away because it’s spoiled too soon.
  • Odour Filter – a special carbon filter that helps eliminate bacteria and bad odours from the fridge.
  • Fast Freeze – a special setting that means food is frozen 10% faster thereby locking in vital nutrients and vitamins. 

With Grundig’s cooling technologies at your finger tips, reducing food waste becomes a whole lot easier to manage.  

For loads and loads of ideas on reducing food waste, check out Grundig’s Respect Food initiative here.  

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