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Half term bored jar

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That half term came around quick didn’t it?! So if you’re stuck for ideas keeping the kids entertained try our bored jar.

Grab a jam jar, the kids could always decorate it, just to make it look extra fab. Then fill it with slips of paper, each one with a great idea written on that will stave off the boredom for a couple of hours.

We’ve come up with a few great ideas to get you started…

Make drink bottle skittles

Add an inch of water or sand to the bottom of the bottles (screw the lid back on) decorate and then you can have a game of indoor bowling.

Drizzle painting

Half fill sandwich bags with paint, spread large sheets of paper on the floor then snip a tiny hole in the bag and drizzle the paint in patterns.

Bake cookies

You can grab the recipe for Smarties Cookies right here.

smarties cookies recipe, how to make smarties cookies, easy family food from daisies and pie

Make a paper mache volcano 

Fancy making your own real exploding volcano? Click through to the Volcano Instructions here.

how to make real erupting volcano, how to erupt volcano, paper mache volcano, paper mache

Face painting

Create some awesome face paint designs.

Bike ride

Grab the bikes and go. And if you’ve not got bikes lot’s of places rent them.

Feed the ducks

Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or the countryside there’s always ducks somewhere nearby.

Tidy your bedroom

Hard luck if this is the one you pulled out… but crack on and get it tidy!

Weed the garden

Pull on your scruffs and go out and weed.

Create word searches

Challenge your friends to word search competitions – you could make different themed word searches or create really tough ones.

Play hangman

Classic old school activity this one – get into teams and get some competition going.

Play A-Z

Another old school classic – pick a topic, maybe football teams, cities or food and name one for every letter.

Cook dinner

Help out in the kitchen and cook up a dinner.

Learn to make a cup of tea

Get an adult to teach you how to make a proper cup of tea – life skills!

Build an awesome den

Either indoors with sheets, covers, cushions and chairs or outdoors in the garden or woods.

Make balloon rockets

Easy to do, brilliant fun, we love balloon rocket competitions. Get the balloon rocket instructions here.

how to make balloon rockets, balloon activity for kids, balloon races, kids activities from daisies and pie

Make kites 

Get the kite making instructions here – then build them and get outdoors and fly them.

rainy day kites made with plastic, how to make rainy day kites, quick guide to making kites

Make galaxy jars

These are fun to make and really simple, wait until it’s dark then shake up some Galaxy jars. Grab the galaxy jar instructions here.

how to make galaxy jars, how to make space jars, how to make fairy jars, glow up galaxy jar instructions

Read a book 

Nothing beats snuggling up with a good book, you might even like to make a cosy reading nook.

Make up dances

There’s loads of YouTube videos that can help you work on your moves!

Junk modelling

Create something amazing with all that *stuff* that’s waiting to be recycled.

Pebble painting

Paint up pebbles as bugs, animals or even intricate patterns

painted stone creatures, stone painting craft, stone crafts for kids, how to paint stone garden bugs, kids activities from daisies and pie

Make a bird feeder 

Get the instructions for our natural bird feeder here.
natural bird feeder, kabocha squash, RSPB bird feeder, welcoming wildlife to garden

Bake jam tarts 

Nice easy baking activity – grab the jam tart recipe here.

Have a sleepover

Throw a sleepover, watch films, tell ghost stories and don’t forget the snacks for midnight feasts!

Go for a really long walk

Head outdoors for a really long walk, maybe take a picnic if it’s not pouring with rain.

Have a picnic

Outdoors if it’s sunny, carpet picnic if the weather is rubbish

Whizz up a smoothie

Create your own smoothies or you can grab our frozen berry smoothie recipe here.

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Play hide and seek

And if your house isn’t the hide and seek kind then hide a doll or teddy bear and get the others to find that instead.

Create your own assault course 

Let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with – outdoors or indoors.

Play board games

Spend the afternoon playing some board games.


Get the printable bored jar list here – then all you need to do is cut them out, put them in the jar and use it when you’re bored. 

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And if this isn’t enough to keep you busy then head on over to…

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