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Halloumi Recipes

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A selection of the most DELICIOUS Halloumi Recipes – from fajitas and tray bakes, to sandwiches, salads and more.

What Is Halloumi?

Halloumi is a cheese which originated in Cyprus but is super popular in the Mediterranean region. It’s a semi-hard, un-ripened cheese made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk and has a salty taste that tastes great with vegetables.

You can eat halloumi raw, straight from the packet. BUT its high melting point means it’s fantastic for cooking – especially grilling, barbecuing or frying.

Halloumi can be served as part of a main dish or as an appetiser with vegetables, fruits, or breads.

And.. we are ADDICTED to the stuff! Seriously we can’t get enough of delicious, salty, squeaky halloumi!

Halloumi Recipes

Here you go halloumi lovers! We’ve put together a little collection of our favourite halloumi recipes for you to enjoy eating your way through!

Halloumi Tray Bake – Halloumi Recipes

halloumi tray bake served alongside a bowl of watermelon

This easy one pan supper recipe is perfect for late summer (or any time to be fair!)

A deliciously simple Halloumi Tray Bake recipe with sweet roasted Mediterranean vegetables. Great served with warmed flatbreads or garlicky bruschetta to scoop up the tasty roasted tomatoes and peppers and all the juices from the tin.

Get the Halloumi Tray Bake recipe here

Halloumi Salad

halloumi salad recipes with couscous and courgettes on a white plate

In a Mediterranean style couscous salad the addition of halloumi cheese is simply divine. Stuffed with grilled courgettes, ripe baby plum tomatoes, and a scattering of antipasti sun-dried tomatoes and peppers for a finishing touch.

This makes a great weekend lunch idea, lush with a side of warm ciabatta.

Get the halloumi salad recipe here

Halloumi Recipes – Halloumi Fajitas

halloumi fajitas with salad, sour cream and candied jalapeños. Panful of halloumi and peppers on the table along with different fajita toppings

Everyone just LOVES our quick and easy halloumi fajitas. A super easy weeknight vegetarian dinner!

Soft flour tortillas stuffed with delicious seasoned halloumi and vegetables with our favourite fajita toppings. You’ll certainly not miss the meat in this tasty halloumi meal.

Get the Halloumi Fajitas recipe here

Halloumi Fries – BEST Halloumi Recipes!

white paper bag filled with homemade halloumi fries scattered with chopped coriander and served with chilli and lemon yogurt dip

Our Halloumi Fries are little sticks of heaven! They make the perfect starter, snack or main! And what’s more YOU’LL LOVE THEM!

Delicious halloumi tossed in a smoky paprika and garlic seasoned flour then fried. Honestly this recipe couldn’t be easier to prepare or cook.

Just be warned… you’ll want to make these ALL THE TIME!

Get the Halloumi Fries recipe

Warm Lentil Salad With Halloumi

warm lentil salad with halloumi cheese made using merchant gourmet lentils served on a blue and yellow floral plate on a wooden board

A super quick and totally delicious warm lentil salad with halloumi, baby beetroot and salad leaves. And if you can find the fiery beetroot dressed in a spicy vinaigrette, they work really well with the fried halloumi.

Perfect alongside some crusty bread and a glass of wine for a quick work night dinner.

Get the Warm Lentil Salad With Halloumi recipe here

Vegetarian Wraps With Roasted Sweet Potato And Halloumi

vegetarian wrap with sweet potatoes, halloumi, hummus and salad.

Eat deliciously with our flavour packed satisfying vegetarian wraps filled with roast sweet potatoes, halloumi, homemade hummus and salad.

These taste fantastic freshly made, or cooled and taken as a packed lunch idea for work or picnics.

Get the Vegetarian Wraps With Roasted Sweet Potato And Halloumi recipe here

Spelt Salad With Halloumi And Baby Beets

grey painted stool with white plate on top. Plate filled with spelt salad with halloumi and baby beetroot - silver fork on the plate and grey painted brick wall behind

Our spelt salad with halloumi and baby beets is super quick to make, like really – literally less than five minutes!

Tastes delicious and is ideal for a quick lunch or midweek dinner when you want your food fast. Great for when you want something nice but can’t be bothered with a whole lot of faff.

Get The Spelt Salad With HalloumI And Baby Beets recipe here

Chicken And Halloumi Salad

chicken and halloumi salad platter with garlicky croutons, fresh salad and griddled halloumi

Throw together a beautiful sharing platter of chicken and halloumi salad. This is one of our favourite halloumi recipes, it’s just bursting with delicious flavours and vibrant colours.

The chicken and halloumi recipe makes for a great, quick summer dinner recipe that the whole family can enjoy together.

A recipe that requires little effort and is simple to put together, yet looks elegant enough to be served at an uncomplicated, relaxed dinner with friends. It is also easy enough to cook during the week for a quick and easy meal.

Get the Chicken And Halloumi Salad recipe here

Quick Lunch Of Lentils With Halloumi And Prosciutto

salad with lentils, halloumi and prosciutto

Quick, easy and super tasty. This is one to make when you’re just cooking for yourself and you really want quick, simple, delicious food!

Puy lentils tossed with rocket and topped with griddled halloumi and folds of prosciutto makes an easy and filling lunch.

Get The Quick Lunch Of Lentils With Halloumi And Prosciutto recipe here

We hope we’ve inspired you to eat halloumi more often! It’s a great vegetarian option and really packs some flavour!

It’s also worth noting you can buy Yorkshire made squeaky cheese! If you like to shop more locally.

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