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Happy Sunshine Crafts for Kids

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Celebrate the sunshine with the kids and work your way through this super cute collection of sunshine crafts. Easy sun crafts your little ones will just LOVE. 

Sunshine Summer Memory Book 

Creating a summer memory book is a lovely activity and something kids will enjoy looking back on at a later date.

It’s super easy to make a summer memory book and to capture some memories just takes a little time each day and soon becomes just a little addictive!

finger print sunshine stuck on the front of a summer scrapbook

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Sunshine Sun Catchers

We love these bright and colourful sunshine decorations – good for brightening up windows or hanging up in the garden. 

sunshine sun catcher craft hung in a tree

What you need to make sun catchers

  • Yellow A4 paper
  • Orange or yellow acetate 
  • Glue
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil
  • Plate (large and small for drawing around) 
  • String 
yellow paper and orange acetate cut out ready for sunshine crafts

How to make sunshine sun catchers

  • draw around the larger plate – then put the smaller plate inside the circle and draw around that too. 
  • cut out the circle – and the middle circle so you’re left with O shapes. 
  • tie the string – around the top of the O shape.
  • glue – the acetate into the centre 
  • cut out strips of yellow paper – to be sun beams 
  • glue on the sun beams
  • let your sun catcher dry – then hang up to catch the sunshine

Mosaic Sunshine

Super easy sunshine craft – great for little fingers! 

mosaic sunshine craft made by kids

What you need to make mosaic sunshines

  • Pale yellow A4 paper
  • Bright yellow A4 paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
yellow paper circles and mosaic squares ready for sunshine craft

How to make mosaic sunshines

  • Cut out a circle shape – and strips from the pale yellow paper
  • Cut the bright yellow paper – into mosaic squares
  • Glue the sun-beam – strips onto the circle. 
  • Cover the middle of the sunshine – with mosaic squares.

Footprint Sunshine

Kids just LOVE to do hand and footprint painting

Once they’re done use them to create this really happy sunshine face! 

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sunshine made from bright yellow hand and footprints

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What you need to make hand and footprint sunshine

  • Plastic tray or plate for the paint
  • Yellow paint
  • White paper
  • Yellow paper
  • Scissors 
  • Orange crayon/chalk 
  • Glue 

How to make footprint sunshine

  • Make lots of yellow foot and hand prints – on the white paper
  • Let them dry then cut them out
  • Cut out a circle of yellow paper.
  • Glue the hand and footprints to the outside of the circle.
  • Draw a happy face on the sunshine.

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4 kids sunshine crafts - scrapbook with sunshine face on the front, mosaic sunshine, small child doing bright yellow painted footprints, sunshine sun catchers hung in a tree. Text overlay saying"happy sunshine crafts for kids"

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