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Have a feel good October

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Make the most of autumn and really get out there and enjoy it. We’ve got a month of feel good activities to help you grab the happy this October.

1 – invite a friend for tea and cake

Catch up with a friend and enjoy a cuppa, a slice of cake and a good gossip. It’s good for the soul.

2 – buy yourself flowers

Don’t wait, get your own. Pick up a bunch of beautiful blooms and take time to arrange them nicely in a pretty vase or just grab yourself some jam jar flowers

3 – have a duvet TV night

Snuggle up on the sofa with your duvet, watch Saturday night TV with the kids and tuck into a dish of salted caramel ice-cream with smashed Maltesers.

4 – bubbles & face mask

Have a mini spa night, treat yourself to a deep, hot bubble bath, and a cleansing face mask. Take time for yourself.

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5 – make soup

Make a pan of nourishing soup, real wholesome stuff and feel good from the inside, out – try our delicious Moroccan Spiced Roast Vegetable Soup.

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6 – go out for coffee

Call in at that coffee shop you’ve been meaning to try out. Go alone or meet a friend. And treat yourself to cake.

7 – write a letter

Send a friend a card, for no reason other than just because it’s a nice thing to do.

8 – read a new book

Whether you buy yourself a new book, or borrow one from a friend or local library. Curl up on a chair and indulge in a little cosy reading.

9 – clothes swap

Invite the girls around for the evening – all bring clothes and accessories you no longer want and have a clothes swap, gossip and fab girly night.

10 – candlelit dinner

Treat your someone special to a candlelit dinner. If cooking isn’t your thing then that’s what the ‘dine in for £10’ meal deals are for.

11 – go walking

Get outdoors and go for a really long walk in the countryside. Take the train to some place new, explore and enjoy the fresh air.

Walking at quarry bank mill, cheshire countryside
12 – food parcel

Take time to buy a few essentials and drop them at the local food bank.

13 – new magazine

Buy a magazine you don’t usually read, something a bit new, get your feet up and flick through the pages, you might discover a new interest or hobby.

14 – watch a film

Treat yourself to the time to watch a film. Maybe a few nibbles…. nachos and dips, or turn it into movie night and watch back to back films for hours, just because you can.

15 – random act of kindness

Sometimes it’s nice to be kind, it feels good inside.

16 – new food

Try out a completely new food, something you’ve never had before, live a little, be adventurous.

17 – ride a bike

Get outdoors and go for a really long bike ride, you could take a picnic, just throw together some baguettes, soft cheese, a few English apples, maybe some cake. If you’ve not got a bike then hire one – head over to the National Trust and find a place local to you.

18 – indulgent hot chocolate

Whisk up a mug of totally indulgent hot chocolate. We love a creamy peanut butter hot chocolate… just so utterly delicious. 

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19 – pamper yourself

Treat yourself to a nourishing hair treatment or face mask, set aside time just for you for a little pamper session. Or even nip for a spa treatment if the budget allows.

20 – bake a cake

With Great British Bake Off temptingly showing off delicious baked goods every week. What better treat than to head to the kitchen and bake a yummy cake. Go seasonal with a squash cake topped with a cream cheese frosting. Or indulge in a huge chocolate cake creation.

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21 – upcycling project

Upcycling is the in thing at the moment. Whether you opt for a little shabby chic paint project or decide to rejuvenate an old outfit, perhaps with new buttons. Give it a go and breath new life into something old and tatty.

22 – clear out

Get the cupboards organised and pack up anything you no longer want, need or love. Anything that’s still in good condition just drop at the local charity shop or recycling centre. Tidy cupboards are a happy thing and a good declutter is a very happy thing!

23 – volunteer

Whether it’s spending an hour at the kids school listening to little readers, helping out at the PTA events or just giving your time to a local charity. It feels good to spend a little time giving something back.

24 – proper family Sunday dinner

Invite the family and cook up a proper roast dinner with all the trimmings, followed by a huge pudding and custard. Spend time sat around the table and chatting to those who mean the most to you.

25 – music evening

Chill out, put on some relaxing music, light some scented candles and just relax.

26 – go blackberry picking

It’s free, it’s easy and just think of the crumble and custard… Grab the blackberry picking guide here.

27 – be a tourist in your own town

Spend the day mooching around your town, popping in the museums and galleries, picking up something nice for lunch, maybe a little shopping.

28 – fresh bedding

Nothing beats slipping between the sheets on a bed made up with freshly washed and line dried bedding. One of life’s simple pleasures.

29 – crafting with the kids

With Halloween at the end of he month, spending the afternoon with the kids making Halloween decorations is a good thing – discover your inner child and have fun putting together some spooky crafts. Check out our Halloween Celebration section for inspiration.

30 – try something new

Have a go at something completely new, maybe a new sport or exercise class, or a new craft, join the WI or other local group. Push yourself out of your comfort zone!

31 – charity shop bargain hunting

Take time out to visit a few charity shops, have a good rummage around, maybe pick up a quirky bargain or two. Perhaps find yourself an upcycling project or throw together a bargain outfit.

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