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Homemade Natural Drain Cleaner

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If water is draining too slowly when you pull out the plug then it’s probably time to use our homemade natural drain cleaner.

You can easily mix up your own plug hole cleaner and drain cleaner at home using natural products, great if you’ve got young kids at home and you like to do things the green way.

To make the homemade drain cleaner we use Dry-Pak soda crystals. They’re great for using as a natural sink unblocker.

Soda crystals are a great all purpose cleaning product to have in at home, in fact your grandma probably used soda crystals for lots of her household cleaning jobs.

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They’re very versatile then can be used not only for a sink drain cleaner, unclogging drains and plug holes but also in laundry, as a general purpose cleaner and degreaser in the kitchen, to clean the washing machine and even to clean paths, patios and driveways outdoors.

As with all cleaning products though you need to keep it well out of the way of children as it is an irritant and is particularly nasty if you get it in your eyes.

Oh and note – soda crystals are not suitable for use on aluminium or lacquered surfaces.

a sink and clean drain that's been cleaned with homemade natural drain cleaner

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What You Need To Make The Homemade Natural Drain Cleaner

You literally just need three things to make our drain cleaner and keep your drains running smoothly.

  • 1 cup of soda crystals
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • kettle full of boiling water

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How To Make Homemade Natural Drain Cleaner

Okay you’re going to love how simple this homemade drain cleaner is to make!

Step One – fill the plughole with soda crystals

  • Simply tip the cup of soda crystals down the plug hole – you may need to use 2 cups if the drain is particularly large or dirty.
  • Let the soda crystals sit in the plughole for a couple of minutes.

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Step Two – add the white vinegar

  • Pour the cup of white vinegar down the plughole on top of the soda crystals and let the two fizz together and side in the plug hole for a good 5-10 minutes.

Step Three – rinse everything away

  • Pour a full kettle of boiling water down the plug hole and then rinse away any residue using the water from the hot tap.

If the drain is still running a little slow – just repeat the steps above.

I tend to clean the drains this way as part of a good housework routine once a week and I definitely think it helps keep them running clear. This is one of my top kitchen cleaning tips!

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