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Housework Tips That Really Work

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Don’t let housework get you down – grab our best housework and cleaning tips. Get yourself organised and make life so much easier!

Housework 101

Okay – let’s get down to basics, housework is part of life and if you want to live in a clean, organised home then you’re really going to have to clean and organise it.

But hey, once you’re done it’ll FEEL GREAT and maintaining it’s lovely fresh feeling will be easy. 

I know that everyone has a different idea of what a clean, organised home is and everyone has different priorities and timescales in which to achieve it.

For me a clean and organised home is essential, it makes me happy, it makes me feel more relaxed.

However, I don’t want you thinking my home is immaculate or sterile, it’s not. It’s a lived in HAPPY FAMILY HOME  that just happens to be CLEAN AND ORGANISED.  

I do what I consider to be an achievable level of housework. I keep on top of all the daily housework chores and keep my home running smoothly. All at a level that I’m comfortable with and I can help you to do the same. 

How to get organised with housework

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I always think the best place to start when you really want to tackle the housework and get organised once and for all is to do a full top to bottom clean and thorough organise of your home.

Then once it’s clean and tidy keeping on top of the cleaning will be just a matter of spending a short amount of time each day tackling cleaning chores.

You’ll need to set aside a few days to totally spring clean the house.

However if that sounds too much too soon or makes you feel overwhelmed, then start with an easy month of decluttering. Just ease into the deep clean when you’re ready. After all it’s much easier to clean a house that isn’t full of clutter.

It’s your home and you doing the work so it’s important that you’re comfortable and happy.

If your house is already pretty clean and organised then you can jump straight to the easy housework routine.

Our cleaning routine just breaks up household chores into daily, weekly and monthly checklists.

The routine will really help you keep on top of the cleaning and laundry and keep your home super clean and FEELING GREAT

How to spring clean your home

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I LOVE to do a deep clean of my home. I usually do one in the springtime and another one late autumn. Choosing these two seasons for deep cleaning is a good idea.

A spring clean gives you the chance to gear your house up for spring and summer. Things like swapping to lighter tog duvets, bringing out garden furniture, packing away winter coats and clothes and suchlike.

Then late autumn cleaning gives you the chance to really set your home up for winter. Things like cleaning out gutters, packing away summer clothes and bringing warm clothes and boots back out.

A thorough deep clean of your home really helps you to evaluate your home and belongings.

You’ll get the chance to see which areas could be more organised, do some decluttering and look at which areas need cleaning more often.

We’ve got printable checklists that’ll help you tackle the big deep clean – get our room by room spring cleaning checklists here

I love the fresh feeling of home once it’s been deep cleaned. It feels great to be organised and top of things, it just makes life feel easier.

Overwhelmed with clutter and need help decluttering?

printable mission declutter housework sheet with list of 31 areas to declutter in a month - one day - one thing

No time or energy to do a burst of spring cleaning, then ease in gently with our Mission Declutter.

A month long decluttering project, tackling just one thing each day. This way will help you make a start and stop you from feeling overwhelmed.

This baby-step method of decluttering is great for if your house is really messy and clutter has just built up over time. You just focus on one area a day, so although it’s a slower process, you’ll be able to see progress and that feels good.

Grab the Mission Declutter here

Keep on top of the housework with our weekly housework routine

A printable housework routine timetable split into daily, weekly and monthly chores

We split our housework into an easy routines so that it’s easy to achieve. Get the printable routines and checklists below. 

Feel free to adapt these routines to suit your own needs. Only you really know your own house and how often areas of your home need cleaning.

Therefore if it’s not as often as I suggest – just adapt it to suit your requirements.

Cleaning Supplies

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Keeping a good stock of cleaning products at home is essential. Having all the right cleaning products just makes life easier.

Get our cleaning supplies list here and make sure you’re ready to tackle any cleaning job that comes your way!

Cleaning How-To 

Need to know how to get something really clean?

We’ve loads of cleaning tutorials that cover everything from cleaning the fridge properly to shifting that stubborn black mould that builds up on bath sealant.

Browse cleaning how-to tutorials here

Need the housework done in a hurry?

I totally get it!

Quite often housework needs to be done in a hurry. Busy lives often mean little time for housework!

If this sounds like you and you struggle to fit in housework then our quick cleaning routines might be just the thing to help!

Our mini-cleaning routines will help get rooms cleaned up fast and housework done and dusted when you’re super short on time.

Come Chat Housework With Us! 

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We’d love you to share your cleaning tips over there and help others with cleaning inspiration too! 

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