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How to air the bed…. and why it’s a good thing

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How to air the bed properly and why you should do it every day!

Okay, so here’s the thing…. when you sleep you toss, turn and sweat and all that warmth and moisture is trapped under the duvet.

If you jump out of bed and throw yourself into making the bed straight away you’ll be giving that warmth and moisture nowhere else to go but to sink into the bedding and mattress.

Eventually trapped moisture will cause a stale smell. And… who wants to sleep on a mattress that smells stale???

cast iron bedstead made up with pale grey striped duvet and pale blue woollen pillows, purple shell heart hanging from the bed post. - next to the bed is an oak bedside table from Loaf with a white and blue spotted lamp from Laura Ashley  alongside a Diptyque mimosa canldle

Should You Air The Bed?

Well… not so long ago airing the bed was something everyone did on a daily basis.

I remember my grandma airing beds, throwing the windows open wide and leaving the bedroom to freshen up.

Airing the bed was just something everyone did and over time it’s fallen out of favour and now people don’t tend to bother.

Well I kinda think my grandma’s generation knew a thing or two about homekeeping and housework and they took great pride in everything being just so.

Those old school methods are definitely coming back into fashion!

I mean, who wants to freshen up where they sleep by blitzing it with a chemical freshening spray? Not me….

So turning back to the old school methods of housework for me is a good thing.

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How To Air The Bed

So airing the bed is a thing and it’s super simple to do and even if you only get chance to air the bed for 30 minutes whilst you get ready for work – it’s worth it. 

How To Air The Bed – Step 1

  • When you get up in the morning – throw open the bedroom windows and get a breeze blowing through the room.

How To Air The Bed – Step 2

  • Give the pillows a good shake and return them neatly to the bed all plumped up.

How To Air The Bed – Step 3

  • Turn the duvet right back to the end of the bed – hang it over the end of the bed if needed – just so the maximum amount of mattress area is exposed.
  • Close the windows (if you’re going out) Make the bed – you can do this just before you leave for work if you like or you can leave it to air all day and make it when you get home – whichever you prefer.

If you like your bedroom to look super neat and tidy before you leave for work – then just air the bed in a neat and tidy way and pull the covers up properly when you get home from work.

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How To Make The Bed Properly

Okay – a well made bed is up on my list of thing I really like.

I love the bedroom to look tidy, fresh and clean and an unmade bed just doesn’t throw out that vibe.

I also want to get into a nicely made bed and the end of the day.

Crawling into a messy unmade bed is a definite no no for me – I’d hate it.

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How To Make The Bed Step 1

  • Straighten out the mattress protector – smooth out any lumps or wrinkles.

How To Make The Bed – Step 2

  • If you’re using a flat sheet on the mattress then learn how to do hospital corners properly – it just makes the sheet, so much flatter and wrinkle free so it’s nicer to sleep on.
  • If you’re using a fitted sheet (which I prefer) then it just sit’s nice and flat without any folding and straightening.

How To Make The Bed – Step 3

  • Pull the quilt up over the bed and really give it a good shake out to get rid of any wrinkled up parts and to distribute the quilt inside the cover evenly.
  • Once the quilt is on the bed – make sure it hangs in equal lengths over each side of the bed so it looks good and smooth out any bumps and wrinkles using your hands.

Do The Pillows Go Under Or over The Quilt Cover?

I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer for this – just arrange your pillows how you like them.

If they’re really nice pillow cases you might want to put them on top of the quilt so they can be seen and add to the style of the room.

How To Make The Bed – Step 4

cast iron bedstead with grey checked bedding with grey woollen throw in a pile on the bed
  • Give your pillows a good shake and plump up – this just distributes the pillow filling evenly so they feel nice and fresh to sleep on.
  • Arrange your pillows on the bed – either under or over the quilt, whichever you prefer.
  • Next arrange any decorative pillows on the bed so they look nice and welcoming and make you just want to dive right into bed.

How To Make The Bed – Step 5

  • Arrange any decorative throws on the foot of the bed – pulling them straight and flat.

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