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How To Clean A Bathroom In 5 Minutes

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Step by step instructions for how to clean a bathroom in 5 minutes. The easy way to squeeze the housework in, even when you’re busy!

Everyone is so crazy busy these days it’s really hard to find time to squeeze in the housework.

But, you still want to live in a clean and tidy house right? So it needs tackling!

Our ‘How To Clean In 5 Minutes” cleaning plan, is the easy way to squeeze in a quick clean up that means things stay clean, but without spending hours a day doing them!

Our five minute cleaning plan works best if you do a deep clean the bathroom weekly.

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How To Clean A Bathroom In Five Minutes

Here’s how to clean a bathroom in five minutes and everything you need to make our cleaning plan manageable!

Before I start my 5 minute bathroom cleaning plan, I always do these three things.

Doing them really gets me motivated and lifts my mood. The way I see it, is that it’s good to feel good, no matter what I’m doing!

Before you start the five minute bathroom clean – do these 3 things!

  • Open the windows wide – fresh air will make the bathroom smell nice and get rid of any cleaning fumes.
  • Turn the music up loud – it’s good to sing as you clean, it’s a mood booster!
  • Set my timer for 5 minutes – and when that timer goes, I stop!

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Five Minute Cleaning Rota For The Bathroom

In a 5 minute blitz of the bathroom I can usually fly through the chores below

  • Throw any dirty or overly wet towels and mats into the laundry basket.
  • Wipe down the toilet cistern, flusher and seat with an antibacterial surface cleaner – I do this using paper kitchen towels which I throw in the bin after use.
  • Tip some toilet cleaner down the toilet and leave to work – then do a quick scrub with the toilet brush.
  • Spray the bathroom sink with antibacterial surface cleaner then do a quick wipe over with a clean micro-fibre cloth.

You might be wondering about the bath/shower, right? Well that gets cleaned after each use by whoever used it so I don’t need to include that in my quick clean up. 

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That’s it – just a simple 5 minutes before I leave the house in the morning means I’m coming home to a clean bathroom. 

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