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How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

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Bathroom tiles are a hotspot for dirt and bacteria, if you want to know how to clean bathroom tiles look no further!

It’s super important to properly clean and maintain bathroom and kitchen tiles in order to ensure they last longer and stay looking good! Cleaning the tiles properly can also help prevent damage and wear.

Here, we’ll talk about the best tile cleaner and different cleaning methods for various materials.

how to clean bathroom tiles - white tiled walk in shower with silver tap finish

What Is The Best Tile Cleaner?

It’s important to always follow manufacturers instruction when cleaning tiles and not the latest social media or cleanfluencer trend!

Choosing the best tile cleaner for your bathroom tiles will depend on what material your tiles are made from.

For example, natural stone has cleaning requirements that are considerably different from those of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

So – check your material, check your manufactures cleaning and maintenance instructions and follow them.

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

Natural and eco cleaners can be an excellent alternative to harsh chemicals when cleaning bathroom wall tiles.

As a result, maintaining porcelain and ceramic tiles is as simple as wiping off the surface with a PH neutral cleaner and non-abrasive cloth.

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles Using Vinegar

A natural homemade cleaning solution of dish washing soap, water and vinegar mixed in a spray bottle with the following rations

  • 50% water
  • 50% white vinegar
  • 2-3 drops of washing up liquid

Pour into the bottle, shake to mix and then spritz over the surface and wipe with a damp cloth – rinse and buff. I buy little spray bottles to make this up in from

In addition to working well on glass and shiny tiles, it works well on soap scum removal.

Just remember that a good rinse and buff is a must to prevent any streaks.

A diluted vinegar cleaning solution is fine to use on ceramic and porcelain tiles – however it could damage terracotta, marble or granite – they are best cleaned with an appropriate PH neutral shop bought cleaner.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles With A Glossy Glaze

For the best way to clean bathroom tiles featuring a glossy glaze, you should dust the surface of your tiles once every month, wipe the surface using a non-abrasive cleaner as well as a microfibre cloth and then, for a streak-free result, buff your tiles using a clean, dry cloth.

If you have a glass mosaic tile feature in your bathroom, make absolutely sure you polish them dry too to avoid unattractive watermarks.

Clean Tiles With A Textured Finish

If you have got textured tiles, consider using a clean, damp toothbrush to scrub away filth and limescale in little nooks and tight difficult to reach places.

Baking soda is an excellent choice for cleaning textured bathroom tiles since it acts like a paste when combined with warm water.

You could also use the combination to gently scrub the grout.

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How To Clean The Grout Between Bathroom Tiles

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