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How to clean house plants

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House plants are dust magnets. Even in the space of just a few weeks they become covered in dust and look a mess.

The best way to clean plants is in the shower. They love a shower.

What you need to clean house plants
  • bath
  • shower
  • natural sponge

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How to clean house plants, green cleaning tips
How to clean house plants
  • Once a month carry all your houseplants up to the bathroom and stand them all in the bath.
  • Then switch the shower on to a soft spray and just luke warm not freezing cold. Then spray all the plant leaves carefully to remove the dust.
  • Any plants that have been in the kitchen will probably be covered in that greasy kitchen dust. For these after a thorough spraying down with the shower take a natural sponge and gently supporting the leaf underneath with your hand wipe the leaves to remove the greasy sticky dust.
  • Leave the plants standing in the bath for a few hours after cleaning them until they’ve dripped dry.
  • Return the plants to their homes.

This method is great for not only cleaning the plants but giving them a good drink of water too.

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