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How To Clean Kitchen Tiles

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How to clean kitchen tiles and bring back the shine and sparkle! Our easy kitchen tile cleaning tips will clean up your tiles and grout in no time. Leaving them fresh, clean and shiny!

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Kitchen wall tiles can quickly become covered in a greasy build up and look dull.

Regular cleaning, using the correct tile cleaning products can ensure this doesn’t happen and that your kitchen tiles stay looking shiny and clean.

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Note! These cleaning methods are not suitable for marble, stone or granite tiles – always use a specialist marble, stone or granite tile cleaning product and follow manufacturer advice and instructions.

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How To Clean Kitchen Tiles

Cleaning kitchen tiles is easy when done regularly as it avoids any nasty grease build up.

  • Firstly run a bowl full of hot soapy water. Use dishwashing soap as it’s a great degreaser, look how clean it gets your pots and pans!
  • Take a microfibre cloth and dampen it in the water then wring it out. If the tiles are particularly greasy then add an extra squirt of washing up liquid to the cloth.
  • Wipe over the tiles and grout using the cloth. Give any tiles that are very greasy or sticky an extra rub.
  • Once the tiles have be wiped with soapy water, wipe over them again with fresh clean hot water to rinse away the soapy residue.
  • Then dry the kitchen tiles with a soft cloth or towel and buff up to a shine with a clean microfibre cloth or clean cloth.

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How To Clean Kitchen Tiles That Are VERY Greasy

Here’s the BEST way to clean kitchen tiles. We just LOVE this cleaning hack here at Daisies & Pie!

The absolute best way when looking at how to get grease of kitchen tiles is to use a bar of hand soap.

Quite simply the cheapest block of white soap you can pick up in the supermarket.

I usually use Tesco Essentials Soap it’s 15p and a total whizz at cleaning grease!

  • Just run a bowl of hot water. Wet the microfibre cleaning cloth, wring it out and then rub it with the soap.
  • Wipe the greasy tiles and you’ll find the grease should just wipe away easily.
  • Rinse the tiles with fresh, clean warm water and dry and buff to a shine.

How To Clean Grout On Kitchen Tiles

If you’ve not really kept on top of cleaning the kitchen tiles regularly then the grout maybe looking a little grubby.

It could have an accumulation of greasy residue or just have started to look an off white colour.

It’s best to tackle this before cleaning your tiles and there’s a few ways you can clean dirty tile grout. But, I hold my hands up, this is a tedious job!

How To Clean Grout With Bleach

Safety note – it’s a good idea to wear protective goggles for this cleaning job so you don’t flick or splash bleach in your eyes

  • You’ll need an old toothbrush, some clean hot water, a cleaning cloth and bleach for this job.
  • Rub the bleach into the grout using the toothbrush and rinse both the grouting and tiles well with clean water.
  • This is a job you really shouldn’t need to do often, especially if you keep on top of cleaning the tiles regularly.

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How To Clean Grout Without Bleach

If you prefer a more natural eco-friendly way of cleaning then you can clean your grout without using bleach or harsh cleaning products. Try..

  • Cleaning the grout with a toothbrush and whitening toothpaste – rubbed gently along the grout lines.

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Tile Cleaning Products

If you’ve tried our simple methods for how to clean kitchen tiles and they’ve not come up as clean as you’d hoped.

Or you just prefer to go straight into the job with a specialist product then we recommend the following kitchen tile cleaners. (Always check the label to be sure it is suitable for use on your type of tile)

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