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How to clean the bedroom

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How to clean the bedroom – daily, weekly and monthly cleaning chores that will keep your bedroom clean, fresh and great to be in. 

How to clean your bedroom step by step

Everyone likes the bedroom to feel fresh and clean, for it to be a welcoming and relaxing space to be in and honestly it’s just not that hard to achieve.

Just split out the things that matter to you into daily, weekly and monthly chores so that your bedroom always feels good to be in.

Here’s a list of all the chores you might want to think about including in your bedroom cleaning checklist.

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Daily bedroom cleaning chores

  • Air and make your bed.
  • Open the curtains and windows and let in fresh air.
  • Hang up any clothes.
  • Remove any rubbish or clutter.

Weekly bedroom cleaning chores

  • Strip the bed and wash your bedding.
  • Clean all surfaces and dust ornaments, pictures and light shades.
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Vacuum mattress, skirting boards, window vents and floors.
  • Remake bed with fresh clean bedding.

Monthly bedroom cleaning chores 

  • Turn your mattress.
  • Clean the windows.

How to clean a bedroom checklist

how to clean the bedroom checklist printable

Get the printable bedroom cleaning checklist here

This is a great way to stay on top of cleaning your bedrooms but sometimes you might need a little extra help or a different approach – we got you covered!

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How to clean your bedroom fast

Sometimes you need to clean your bedroom fast – you just have a few minutes and you want it clean, fresh and most importantly fast! Grab our fast bedroom cleaning guide here.

How to deep clean your bedroom

I don’t hide the fact that I just love a good spring clean. Ditching all the unwanted clutter, giving rooms a thorough clean so that everything sparkles, putting everything back neat and looking good it really makes me happy.  So here’s how to deep clean the bedroom thoroughly. I usually do this a couple of times a year.

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