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How to clean the house after illness

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How to deep clean the house after illness to help prevent re-infection.

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How to clean the house after illness

It’s that time of year when the kids bring home all sorts of awful winter bugs from school and in a family home, it’s really easy for these bugs to spread throughout the family quickly.

To try to prevent the spread during and after illness it’s important to do a deep clean to sanitise your house and get rid of the bugs as quickly as possible to help prevent re-infection.

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Key areas to clean during illness. 

Why washing hands during illness is important

Make sure everyone – especially the kids wash their hands regularly with soap and warm water.

When they get home, after using the toilet and before eating. Get them into good habits as it will help prevent the spread of nasty bugs.

How to clean door handles, light switches and bannisters

These are areas people touch lots, I give these a wipe with antibacterial cleaner (I use Dettol antibacterial surface cleanser as it kills 99.9% germs) I try to do this a couple of times a day whilst the kids are ill.

Keeping toilets and bathrooms clean during illness

If there is a stomach bug in the household, then I clean and disinfect the toilet after each use.

Paying particular attention to toilet flushers, toilet seats and taps. I also mop the floors with bleach diluted in hot water (as per the packet instructions) twice a day.

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Extra laundry sanitation

If you’ve got people at home with flu or stomach bugs it’s a good idea to put a laundry cleanser in with the washing, especially when washing towels, bedding and underwear.

I use the Dettol laundry cleanser for this. I also make sure I wash towels regularly and at 60 degrees to help kill off bugs.

How to disinfect a house after illness. 

How to freshen the air at home

First of all – get lots of fresh air into your home both during and after illness, this just helps to remove airborne germs.

Get all the windows open and get fresh air flowing through the house.

Keep them open a good few hours to really change the air.

I do this during illness to – so rooms don’t get stuffy.

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Cleaning door handles, light switches and bannisters

After illness I wipe down all of these areas again with either an antibacterial cleaner or using bleach diluted as per the packet instructions it depends on the surface and finish as to which one you should use.

When cleaning light switches be sure they are switched off and you don’t get water or liquid into the electrics!

How to disinfect your house after illness – clean the toilets and bathrooms

I do a full top to bottom clean of toilets and bathrooms after illness, washing all towels and mats.

Pay extra attention to cleaning the following areas

  • toilet – handle and seat and surfaces around the toilet bowl
  • sink and taps
  • bath and taps
  • shower – any parts which have been handled
  • the floor around the toilet
  • light switches, door knobs
  • any toiletries used by the sick person – give the bottles a wipe over with antibacterial cleaner.
  • wash all towels and bathmats with laundry cleanser to kill any germs.

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How to disinfect your house after illness – what to clean in the bedroom

  • Firstly strip the bed and wash all the sheets and bedding using a laundry cleanser.
  • Wash all pyjamas and underwear used by the sick person using a laundry cleanser too.
  • If it’s a child who has been sick – be sure to wash comforters and teddies.
  • Give any surfaces which can be safely wiped with antibacterial cleaner a wipe down.

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How to clean your house after illness – what to clean in the living areas & kitchen

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  • If the sick person has been in the living room – then be sure to wash cushion covers and throws.
  • It’s also a good idea to wipe down remote controls, door handles and light switches with antibacterial surface wipes.
  • Any soft furnishings or fabrics that cannot be wiped with bleach or antibacterial cleaner I usually spray with Dettol All in One Disinfectant Spray – the linen fresh fragrance is really nice too, it makes rooms smell fresh and clean.
  • Sick people really shouldn’t be in the kitchen – but what you will need to do is wash any crockery, glasses and cups in very hot soapy water to kill any germs – preferably put them through the dishwasher on a hot wash.

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A few tips for the awful jobs that stink…

  • Sick should be cleaned up immediately, and you should wear rubber gloves. If the sick is on hard floor – then wipe it up with paper towels, then clean the area with bleach and hot water – or disinfectant if the surface isn’t suitable for using bleach on. If it’s the carpet…. here’s how to remove sick from carpets.
  • I remove any lingering sick smell from carpets by sprinkling on washing powder and leaving it over night then vacuuming it up the next day. You have to be sure the carpet is bone dry before you do this otherwise you’ll just get a white paste…
  • Clean out all sick buckets properly with bleach and hot water – dry with paper towels and store away.

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