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How to clean venetian blinds

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How to clean venetian blinds – without having to take them down! Easy step by step guide to cleaning wooden venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds look good. They give a room a sleek stylish vibe but you do need to clean them properly and care for them in order to keep them looking good.

This is the method I use to clean wooden venetian blinds and it works really well. Better still, you don’t need to get them down, just clean them at the window.

You need to clean them regularly and don’t let dust build up.

white wooden venetian blind. Get overlay "how to clean venetian blinds -"

What you need to clean venetian blinds 

girl cleaning venetian blinds at the window
  • vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachment
  • furniture polish – I use Mr Sheen multi surface polish
  • duster

How to clean venetian blinds

  • Close the blinds
how to clean venetian blinds - close the blinds first
  • Vacuum the slats gently with the soft brush attachment to remove any dust. Do this first with the blind closed one way then close it the other way to vacuum the underside of the slats also.

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vacuum with soft brush attachment being used to clean venetian blinds
  • Then close the blind so slats are downwards. Spray a light mist of polish on the first section of the blind. (I clean the blind in sections as divided by the ribbons) This is so that the polish doesn’t dry on the slats before I get to clean with it. It’s also easier to remember and see where you’re up to)
mist of furniture polish being sprayed onto venetian blinds
  • Open the blind and whilst supporting the slat with your hand, gently polish along each segment of the the blind slat with the duster. Don’t press down too hard – you don’t want to damage the slats.
  • Some people prefer to do this with an old sock on their hand instead of using a duster but I find it too fiddly that way. Just use whichever works best for you.  Do the top and bottom of the slat at the same time to save time.
venetian blinds being dusted with a duster

Venetian blind cleaning tips

  • Dust the blinds weekly with a feather duster to prevent build up of dust and to prevent the ribbons which hold the blinds becoming dirty.
  • When you have the windows open if possible open the blind too, this stops them getting as dusty.
  • I think it’s best to clean the blinds with an anti-static or dust reduction furniture polish, it just keeps them dust free for longer and it makes it easier to wipe off greasy dust build up on kitchen blinds.
  • I vacuum and polish the blinds every 4-6 weeks depending on how they’re looking.
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