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How To Create A Sunday Reset Routine That Suits You

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Sunday is the perfect day to reset and prepare for the week ahead. I’ll show you how to make a personalized Sunday reset routine that fits your lifestyle and helps you feel more energized and focused

Okay so first up, everyone’s Sunday Reset Routine will be a little different, depending on what you need to do in your life.

But essentially a Sunday Reset is just scheduling your Sunday so that you can not only rest and recharge, but also put things into place so that Monday morning is super satisfying and the rest of your week runs smoothly. 

image of coffee and some wildflowers in a vase. Text overlay reads "Sunday Reset Routine"

It can be whatever mish-mash of self-care, tasks and chores you want to get done so that your upcoming week is more organised, smooth and enjoyable. 

I like to know that by the time I get to Sunday night, my week ahead is organised, less chaotic and easier to get-through! 

When you’re super busy and have a lot to do, just taking a few hours on a Sunday to plan and reset for the week ahead can make life run so much more smoothly. And less chaos is definitely a good thing and certainly helps to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed. 

I would count a Sunday Reset Routine as self-care as not only do I make sure I get certain chores done like meal plan, grocery shopping, cleaning and restocking.

I also fit in time for relaxation, spending time with the family and recharging ready for the upcoming week. And I really love the structure of spending a Sunday resetting ready for the week ahead. 

My Sunday Reset Routine may differ from week to week, season to season, depending on what I’m doing and what NEEDS to be done, but I generally just include a mix of things so that I stay in control and on top of my own life! And that feels super satisfying! 

Cooking up an extra special breakfast on a Sunday morning and spending time with the family enjoying it is something I love to do. I mean, who doesn’t love a little breakfast platter? It’s a nice weekend ‘thing’ and sets me up for working through the rest of my Sunday reset

Image shows a wooden chopping board with a bagel sliced in half topped with smoked salmon, chives, capers, radish, onion and cucumber, there is also a bowl of cucumber,radish and onions as well as a plate with mini pickles and gherkins on, there is also two bagels and a sliced lemon next to the chopping board

I get through any laundry left from the week before, do the ironing and make sure all school uniforms are prepped ready for the week ahead. Along with any other outfits/gym kits etc that I know I’ll want. 

Okay, I don’t like to spend all day cleaning, so I do a super quick home-reset on a Sunday. I set a timer for 15-minutes and do a 15-minute room clean and reset in each room. I’m a huge advocate of the 15-minute room cleaning routines! 

They include quickly running the vacuum over the floors, cleaning the bathroom, clearing counters, scrubbing the kitchen sink. Just a quick, reset so it feels fresh, clean and organised. You can get all the 15-minute room clean and reset checklists here.

I also take some time to restock anything that’s running low – soap dispensers, toilet rolls, snacks cupboard, fruit bowl, drinks, fill up pasta jars, rice, biscuits etc.  Anything I know I’m going to just want or need I’ll get out of my back-stock and restock ready for the week. 

I also like to add nice things – like flowers or light candles. 

I always clean the fridge on a Sunday – a quick tidy and wipe down of the shelves, before I meal plan means that I can incorporate any leftovers that need using into the meal plan for the week ahead. 

I check the freezer and food cupboards, see if we’re running low on anything and add it to the grocery list. 

I always do a meal plan on a Sunday – it helps me not only to eat healthier, but keeps me organised and I can quickly see for the week ahead what I’ll need to do – and if there’s anything I need to meal prep-ahead for busy days etc. 

I order a grocery shop for delivery on Monday morning, so I’m organised and stocked up for the week ahead. 

I like to exercise every day – even if that just means heading out for a walk, and Sunday is usually a day when I choose walking as exercise as it means I can involve the kids too! And it’s nice to spend time together.

If I know my Sunday is going to be busy I might swap this to pilates and get up early to do it – I use the Apple Fitness+ so I just choose a routine to suit my time and energy. 

I spend about 30 minutes looking at what I have coming up that week both work and home-life, I check my calendar and make sure I am prepared for them and organized. 

create a to-do list, well actually two… I fill in my daily planner for Monday, and add anything I can to my weekly planner, so that I feel organized and own it!

And as I work from home I like to do a little reset of my workspace too – clean my desk, file anything that’s needs filing, blitz through my emails. Just set myself up for a smooth Monday

My Sunday evening routine always includes time for relaxing baths, hair mask, face mask, doing my nails, a skincare routine, basically anything that’s going to make me feel good! You could choose to do one of the self care activities on our Self Care Challenge.

It’s my favourite part of a Sunday routine knowing I can truly relax on Sunday night because I bossed my own life earlier in the day! 

If you’re new to a Sunday Reset Routine, make sure you don’t over-burden yourself or it won’t work out for you. 

You may need to ease into a Sunday reset routine, using it to organise other areas of your life and home that have got a little chaotic or out of hand first. Getting your home organized will really help you to truly do a proper Sunday reset routine and it be productive and efficient for you. 

When putting together your own Sunday reset routine or weekly reset routine, first of all choose a day of the week that suits you. And.. don’t get bogged down with the Sunday part, it doesn’t have to be a Sunday, you can reset your week ahead any day you like. Work with your lifestyle and weekly schedule to pick out the best reset day for you. 

Then choose the things that matter to you – think about your lifestyle and everything you have to do and think of what you could get done on a Sunday that would make life easier on you in the week and add them to your list. 

Also it’s easier to get the hard things or the things you like least first, get them done and over with so you can move on. 

Use your Sunday Reset Routine to give you structure in your week, help reduce anxiety and that whole feeling of Sunday dread. Make it a day where you look forwards to getting organised, and enjoying some self care. You’ll be surprised how quickly it becomes a really enjoyable habit

And remember, there’s no trend or need to feel pressured, a reset routine is supposed to help you to be in more control of your life and time, help you to feel organised and whenever you start a new habit it takes a while to get used to and settle in to what suits you. 

Also – there’s no rules! You need to own your Sunday reset and really craft out one that suits you, one that ticks your boxes and helps you to make your own life easier. That way it’s truly worth doing and you’ll get the most benefit from it. 

I just LOVE my Sunday reset routine and my weeks are a whole lot better because of it!