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How to declutter when you don’t know where to start

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If you’re tired of piles of clutter and mess and just don’t know where to start then grab our top decluttering tips and strategies that will help you ditch that clutter for good!

How to declutter when you don’t know where to start

Clutter is something that can just sneak up on you gradually over time and it’s really easy to slide into living in a disorganised, cluttered house.

We’ve got easy, achievable strategies for tackling the clutter that work even when you feel totally overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. 

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How to declutter – first up – be kind

I think it’s essential to be kind to yourself! Sure clutter and mess happen but it’s not the end of the world and it’s certainly something that can be put right easily. 

Some people enjoy living in cluttered houses, it suits them and their lifestyle and that’s great, you should only declutter if you actually want to. 

However, if you’re the type of person who hates clutter and wants to sort it out and live life with less then that’s great too – but be kind to yourself, it probably took a good while for your house to get cluttered up and disorganised, so relax and take your time getting it cleaned up. 

Take a before and after photo – that way you can check up on progress and feel great about what you’ve achieved so far! 

How to declutter – just start, but slowly! 

Psych yourself up, put aside an hour of your time and JUST START, but… start small, ease into it. It’s best if you can take your time, grab a pad and pen and walk around every room in your house and make a list of every single little thing you’d like to declutter, clean up or get sorted. And even if that’s all you do today, that’s a huge step towards decluttering. 

Sit down with a coffee and look through your list – highlighting all the areas which really drive you mad and then prioritise those areas to clean up first. 

How to declutter – the 4 box system

When carrying out a BIG declutter it’s a great idea to grab yourself four boxes and whenever one gets full – deal with it. 

  1. Things you want to keep but store away for the time being
  2. Things you don’t want that can be either sold or donated to charity 
  3. Rubbish that’s for recycling
  4. Rubbish that’s just for trashing

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Kickstart your decluttering easily and slowly

If you’re really struggling to get motivated – try out our Mission Declutter. A super simple way to ease into decluttering, tackling just one thing a day for a month. 

printable mission declutter sheet with list of 31 areas to declutter in a month - one day - one thing

How to declutter – room by room 

Once you’ve worked your way through our Mission Declutter – then make a start on everything that’s left – work through the house room by room, tackling each area in turn. Declutter in a way that suits your lifestyle and timescales. Maybe it means tackling everything in just 1 week or perhaps dedicating just 15 minutes a day to getting a little done at a time. Work in a way that makes you happy. 

How to organise and find a home for the things you’re keeping

When you’ve decided what you’re actually keeping then find a home in your house for it – dedicate a space where you know it can fit, look good and be easy to get when you want it. That way it’s easy to find and easy to tidy up. 

How to keep on top of clutter

Once you’ve decluttered and got your house to how you like it, keep on top of things, work out a housework routine that suits you – we’ve lots of tips on creating a good housework routine here. 

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A printable housework routine timetable split into daily, weekly and monthly chores

The life changing benefits of decluttering 

Decluttering and living with less has a really positive impact on my lifestyle from gaining a sense of what’s important, to enjoying the additional space and having a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Find out more about the life changing benefits of decluttering here. 

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