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How To Declutter Your Home

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Hands up! How many times do you open up the cupboard of DOOM and watch clutter cascade through the door?

Are the kids bedrooms full of clutter and chaos, or do you just have too much STUFF everywhere?

Well, if clutter and chaos are driving your crazy, we can help!

We’ve partnered with to bring you our top decluttering tips and ways to declutter your home, whilst maybe making a little cash from your unwanted items. It’s the best way to kick start your spring cleaning!

blue/grey cupboard in the bedroom with nesting storage boxes on the shelf to declutter along with a storage tray in grey with plant in it in a copper pot

Fantastic Reasons To Declutter

Okay, first up let’s get motivated! And run through some brilliant reasons why decluttering your home is a good thing!

Declutter To Create More Space

This is particularly important in modern new-build homes where space is often an afterthought! A good declutter can really free up some much needed space so you can fit in the things that you’re actually passionate about!

Less Things To Clean

The less clutter and stuff you have lying around the house, the less there is to clean! That means regular cleaning chores take a whole lot less time, and more time and less cleaning are a good thing!

Declutter For Less Stress

Let’s face it… in a busy family home, disorganisation and constantly searching for things you really need, causes a whole lot of stress. And with some decluttering, great storage ideas and re-organisation you’ll know exactly where things are and be able to get them easily!

Sell Your Unwanted Things And Make Some Extra Money

If you’re doing a big declutter at home, then there’s probably going to be a lot of waste, recycling, items for charity and some things you could sell to make yourself some extra money.

blue/grey cupboard in the bedroom with nesting storage boxes on the shelf to declutter along with a storage tray in grey with plant in it in a copper pot

How To Declutter – The Box System

One of our favourite ways to declutter at home is by using the box system, it’s the BEST way to get a clear view of what you want to keep, and what you want to get rid of

Step One – Get 4 Boxes

  • Box of things to keep but store in a better, more organised way.
  • A box to throw in the bin/take to the local tip/recycling centre
  • Box to give to charity
  • A box of things to sell

Okay… these don’t have to be actual boxes, don’t let no-boxes hold you back! You could just use piles!

Step Two – Declutter Room By Room

  • Pick a room and make a start. And if your home is really cluttered, then go one step slower and just pick an area of a room to make a start in. (there’s no rules, this is your decluttering project, go at your own pace)
  • Go through your items, get everything out of cupboards and drawers and divide it into the four categories.

Keep – Bin – Charity – Sell storage basket in the shape of a bunny head, used to store dog toys and jackets in - basket on a blue rug with wicker conservatory furniture in the background

Step Three – Organisation And Storage

  • Work out what storage you need. Look at what you already have that you can re-use and work out what storage solutions you need to buy. So that your home can be the best, most organised place for you.
  • Arrange all the things you want to keep in your storage boxes, crates and baskets. The key organisation tip to keep in mind here is – to store like kinds together, and store things in a way that makes sense to you. After all you’re the one who will be using the storage and finding your items.

Get your home winter ready with our winter home maintenance checklist here. 

blue/grey cupboard in the bedroom with nesting storage boxes on the shelf along with a storage tray in grey with plant in it in a copper pot

Donating And Selling Your Unwanted Things

When it comes to donating things to charity – you can of course always drop things off at the local charity shop. But it’s also worth checking with local community centres, food banks or groups, if they need items, which are often then just given directly to people who need them most. Local community Facebook groups are also a great place to donate items.

And if you want to sell on some of your unwanted items – eBay, and Facebook selling groups are a great place to sell.

Wondering what you can declutter in a weekend – get our list of five here and clear up your space! 

Top Organisation Tips To Remember When Decluttering!

Take decluttering at your own pace!

There’s no rules, do it at your own pace, even if that’s just throwing away one thing a day, or setting aside 15 minutes a day to tackle clutter.

Try a declutter challenge

If you really need a kickstart, then try our 30 day declutter challenge

Storage doesn’t have to be all Instagram perfect!

Real homes aren’t Instagram perfect, they come with mess, chaos and cupboards of doom! And storage doesn’t always have to be beautiful wicker baskets and pretty colours and styles.

Some of the most useful storage is often just a plastic crate! Even stacks of plastic crates, if that’s what it takes to tidy up and tackle your messiest areas!

Our under stairs cupboard is now not depressing to open! And everything we need, we can find! Is it glamorous? No! But it’s a very happy thing! And it’s the little wins that count the most!

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