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How To Deep Clean Your Bedroom

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How To Deep Clean Your Bedroom – grab our top to bottom cleaning checklist for really deep cleaning and organising the bedroom, and sort your life out!

Having a clean and tidy bedroom is actually really important for a good sleep routine.

When slipping between the sheets at night, a clean, well organised bedroom can help to create a calm sleeping environment, and reduce stress and anxiety, making it much easier to relax and get a restful nights sleep.

We’d recommend deep cleaning the bedroom every 3 months. As well as regular weekly cleans in-between. This will help to reduce allergens and bacteria.

And… it feels just so good to get into bed in a clean and tidy room, especially if those sheets have been dried outside on the line. Perfect!

deep clean the bedroom - freshly made bed with flowers on the nightstand

What You’ll Need To Deep Clean Your Bedroom

Everything you’ll need to give your bedroom a thorough deep clean.

  • Surface cleaner – I like Method Multi-Surface Cleaner in French Lavender it smells divine and you can clean most surfaces with it. Plus I like the bedroom to smell of lavender, it’s a relaxing scent.
  • Window cleaner – you can make your own glass cleaner here with our homemade window cleaner recipe here, this leaves glass streak free.
  • Bags/boxes for rubbish and clutter to give away

Also, if you don’t have closet storage or drawer dividers it maybe worth picking some of these up so you can create super organised cupboards and closets.

We’d recommend the following

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What Is A Deep Clean

A deep clean is where you totally declutter your space and clean everything in it from floor to ceiling.

It includes every cupboard, box, shelf and windows, window sills, ceiling fans, countertops, EVERYTHING! If it’s there, then it needs to be cleaned.

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How To Deep Clean Your Bedroom

All our best bedroom cleaning hacks UK style to really give your bedroom a thorough deep clean!

So, before you make a start, the best thing to do is to open the windows wide, and get some fresh air circulating. And, put some music on. Cleaning to music is always a good thing!

Wardrobes, Closets, Nightstands, Dressers and Drawers

  • Empty everything out. Sort through your clothes and belongings, get rid of items no longer wanted. You can either donate them to charity, or throw them away.
  • Vacuum and clean the inside of the wardrobes and drawers, use the soft brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe the insides of the cupboards with microfibre cloth and the multi surface cleaner (if suitable for the surface)
  • Then put everything that you are keeping back into the cupboards and drawers. Arrange neatly or use storage solutions, so that it’s organised and easy to use.

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Declutter Surfaces

  • Declutter and clean on top of the wardrobes. I usually vacuum the top of the wardrobe, as it can become really dusty up there.
  • Declutter and clean all surfaces, removing any dust or dirt. Don’t forget to dust ceiling corners and remove any cobwebs.

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Areas To Clean During Your Deep Clean Of The Bedroom

  • Clean door handles and light switches
  • If you have a ceiling fan, clean the ceiling fan blades too.


  • Take down and wash the curtains (as per laundry instructions if they’re machine-washable, otherwise have them dry cleaned). Once they’re clean and dry, re-hang them at the windows.
  • Vacuum and clean blinds and per the manufacturer instructions. Here’s how we clean Venetian blinds.
  • Vacuum window vents, wash the windows and clean the windowsills and window frames. I like to clean windows using a bucket of warm soapy water with a cup of white vinegar swirled into it. I wash with a damp cloth, rinse, then buff dry with paper towel or dry cotton cloth.
  • Clean mirrors – we use our homemade window cleaner for this job. Alternatively you can use the warm soapy water with vinegar that you used for the windows.

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black framed mirror with bottle of homemade cleaning spray held in front of it.

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  • Vacuum underneath and behind all furniture. Use the narrow nozzle to get into all the corners and along the edges.

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Deep Clean Your Bedroom – Bed And Bedding

  • Strip all the bedding, duvet cover, blankets and bed linens from the bed and toss into the laundry hamper ready for popping in the washing machine later.
  • Vacuum the mattress – you’ll be amazed how much dead skin and dust this will remove! If you want to freshen the mattress, you can sprinkle it with baking soda, let it sit for a couple of hours and then vacuum off using the upholstery attachment.
  • Vacuum all parts of the bed frames and under the bed too.
  • Make up the bed with clean fresh bedding.

Clean The Floors – Deep Clean The Bedroom

  • Vacuum the carpet or sweep the hardwood floors and mop if it’s a suitable surface for mopping using a floor safe detergent.

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checklist for deep cleaning the bedroom - all steps are on the main feature to read

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Tips For Keeping Your Bedroom Clean And Tidy

Use our deep cleaning routine as a re-set for your bedroom, and in-between deep cleans, stay on top of things, so that your bedroom is lovely to go into, every, single night!

Daily – Bedroom Cleaning

  • Air the bed.
  • Open the windows and freshen the air.
  • Make the bed. Plump up pillows and cushions and straighten out throws and blankets.
  • Remove any clutter or dirty clothes.
  • Put away laundry.
  • Do a quick tidy at the end of every day.

Weekly – Bedroom Cleaning

  • Strip the bed sheets and bed linen from the bed.
  • Wash the bedding, make up the bed with fresh, clean covers.
  • Dust and clean surfaces.
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs.
  • Sweep the floor.
  • Mop floors.

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