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How to dry clothes in winter

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Drying clothes in the winter can be hard work especially with the rubbish weather we get here in the UK! We’ve got simple washing tips that will really help you to keep on top of the laundry pile – for good! 

How to dry clothes during the winter

Is drying clothes indoors a health risk?

Health wise it’s not great to dry washing indoors as it can cause mould, dampness and irritate asthma and other health conditions. During the winter it’s a sensible idea to make changes to how you do the laundry and I still try to dry as much as possible outside. 

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How to stay on top of the washing in winter

Wash more frequently

It’s easier to get washing dried if there’s only have a small amount of it to dry each day, so I don’t save it up, I keep on top of it – doing half loads if necessary. 

Will clothes dry outside in winter? 

Okay – take a look at the weather – if floors are dry or there’s a good breeze then the chances are laundry will dry outdoors, even if not completely, it’ll still leave less drying for indoors. 

Tips for drying clothes outdoors in winter

Keep the washing line spacious – I make sure to peg things separately, never overlapping any clothes. I leave a gap in-between clothes so air can circulate.

When to use the tumble drier

Anything that can go in the tumble drier – goes in the tumble drier. Quickly dried and put away, plus the tumble drier really warms up the kitchen too!

Are heated laundry airers any good?

Well – the heated laundry airers work really well so if you have the money and space to spare they’re well worth the investment and obviously cost less than tumble driers to run. 

If not, just use an ordinary washing airer and put anything on it that can’t go in the tumble drier.  I make sure I leave things spaced and not overlapped. I put the airer in a sunny spot by a window and make sure I open the windows and air the room as I’m drying laundry to avoid a build up of humidity – obviously if I’m out I open them when I get home.

Tips for washing and drying bedding in winter

Try to have a few bedding sets for each bed so that you can save bedding to wash on a really good drying day – one with plenty of sunshine and breeze. That way it reduces the amount of drying I have to do indoors. 


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