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How to fold a towel

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If you’re forever wondering how to fold towels properly and not just so there small enough to shove into the cupboard then read on!

I know the towel cupboard can just get so messy with towels pushed in any which way they’ll fit BUT if you follow our neat little guide for folding towels you can channel that spa vibe at home AND because they’re folded just so neat you’ll have more space in the cupboard too!

pile of neatly folded yellow towels. Text overlay saying "get the spa vibe - super neat way to fold towels like they do in a spa"

How To Fold Towels – Step 1

  • Spread your towel out flat on a flat surface – the bed, the floor or a table will all be fine.yellow towel being folded neatly

How To Fold Towels – Step 2

  • Fold your towel in half length ways making sure the edges line up

yellow towel being folded neatly

How To Fold A Towel – Step 3

  • Fold the ends of the towel into the middleyellow towel being folded neatly

Towel Folding – Step 4

  • Fold the end of the towel over by a third towards the middle.yellow towel being folded neatly

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Towel Folding – Step 5

  • Fold the towel over to meet the other end.yellow towel being folded neatly

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Final Step!

  • Your towel will now be neatly folded with all neat edges ready for storing away.yellow towel being folded neatly

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