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How to get motivated to do the housework

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Wondering just how to get motivated to do the housework?

I totally get it, pushing yourself and really getting your ass in gear can be a huge effort! Especially if you’ve let things slip a little and mess, clutter and cleaning chores have all built up.

Or perhaps you’ve just been too busy with the kids or job or life in general to tackle the housework, but now it’s really getting on your nerves and you need to get it sorted… but you just can’t be bothered to get motivated.

Well I’ve got several simple strategies I use to motivate myself to get housework done. Because at the end of the day I do love a clean and tidy house.

Even though I can’t always be bothered to do it, I know I’ll feel so much better once it’s clean and tidy. 

How to get motivated to do the housework

Okay – so these simple strategies are for when you’ve really let stuff build up, you don’t have a cleaning schedule and you just need to MAKE A START!

1 – make a coffee (and a to do list)

There’s no point running about all over the place, half-heartedly starting jobs and then moving on to something else. You need to take a few minutes to yourself to focus and get organised.

So the first thing I do is make myself a cup of coffee and sit down at the kitchen table (not on the sofa… or I might get too comfy). Then I write a list of absolute essentials I want to tackle. 

Don’t worry about absolutely everything just yet – for now, write down the areas of your home that are bothering you the most and really need tackling ASAP.

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2 – fill the house with fresh air and music

I always work faster and feel better if the windows are wide open and there’s loads of fresh air blustering in and I clean to music.

Music really lifts my mood and helps me work faster, more enthusiastically and to dance as I do – so I BURN MORE CALORIES and that’s got to be a good thing.

I have a playlist that I use for cleaning, high energy, feel good music that boosts my mood and makes me feel good.

Cleaning the house counts as exercise and actually burns loads of calories!

You can find out here exactly how many calories different housework chores burn

3 – use timers and treats to get motivated to do the housework

When wondering how to get motivated to do the housework then I’d definitely recommend using timers and treats! I like the balance of a burst of hard work being paid off with something I enjoy.

So I find setting a timer is a great way to make housework more manageable.

If I know I’m only doing housework for a set period of time not only do I work faster but I’m happier as it’s not going to drag on and at least I’ll be tackling the jobs.

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I always add treats into the mix – so if I do housework for 1 hour then I definitely get coffee and a pastry or to sit with my feet up for 30 minutes. 

Pick the treats and offsets that you enjoy and make sure you do treat yourself, it’s a wellbeing boost!

4 – get the big or boring cleaning chores out of the way first

I always feel better if I get the worst jobs done first, tackling the things I hate most first is a quick win for me. I set a timer and crack on.

That way I feel better, and lighter because I feel like I’ve really tackled something that’s been bugging me and it’s a quick and easy win!

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How to get motivated to do the housework & ways to make it easier!

Longer term there’s lots of ways to make housework a whole lot easier, which means it’s much easier to get motivated to actually do it.

And this way you’ll feel more organised, more on top of things and it feels good!

5 – make a cleaning schedule

A printable housework routine timetable split into daily, weekly and monthly chores

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Creating a housework schedule works for me – that way I stay pretty much on track, the house says reasonably clean and tidy and I feel on top of stuff. I might not stick to it strictly, but it helps me to stay organised. Find out how to create a housework routine that works for you – here!

6 – declutter your home

Spending a few weeks decluttering your home is a good thing! Not only do you get rid of unwanted items but you’ll create more space and make your housework chores easier in the long run.

You can ease in with our simple decluttering challenge – tackling just one area a day. Or if you’re completely overwhelmed with clutter and just don’t know where to start then our simple decluttering tips are for you!

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30 day declutter challenge printable housework checklist

7 – organise your home and give everything a place

It’s much easier to get motivated to do the housework if your home is organised and everything has a place. It makes tidying up quicker, cleaning up quicker and you’ll have more free time in the long run.

By staying organised at home I feel more motivated to clean up and do the housework because it doesn’t take long and the house is easy to keep on top of.

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