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How to instantly declutter your home in just one hour

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When enough is enough and you want to blitz through the housework and declutter your home FAST – here’s how to get instant results in just one hour of decluttering!

How to declutter your home fast!

Okay… we know that clutter can creep up on you and that eventually its just TOO MUCH and you want to tackle it and get instant results!

We’ve loads of decluttering tips for dealing with a cluttered home from starting really slowly, to doing a full top to bottom thorough declutter.

Or trying out our Mission Declutter challenge for a month of decluttering by tackling one area a day.

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BUT… sometimes you just want to get it done!

Get on top of things and declutter your home – just make a start and see some instant results!

Typically in a family home – the main cluttered areas include…

  • mail and school letters
  • toys
  • shoes and bags
  • magazines
  • laundry
  • kitchen worktops that just become dumping grounds

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What you need to instantly declutter your home

  • laundry basket – for quickly filling with clutter to carry upstairs to be put away!
  • 2 bin bags – one for recycling and one for actual rubbish

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How to declutter your home

Okay… we have a few rules with decluttering that help us get through fast and without it being a drag!

First rule is always open the windows and get fresh air blowing in – it lifts the mood.

Second rule is always play music you love – this makes the whole thing pass quicker!

Once the windows are open and the music is on then make a start! Remember to work fast – this is a blitz of decluttering!

  • First gather up any toys that are hanging around – throw them in the laundry basket – carry them upstairs and put them one the bed of whichever kid they belong to so they can tidy them away themselves.
  • Put away any shoes, coats and bags that are hanging around in the hallway.
  • Clear up any old magazines, newspapers and go through the mail pile – shred and recycle anything no longer needed (which if it’s like my house will be most of it!)
  • Gather up any laundry piles or washing that’s hanging around and either wash it or tidy it away into the ironing pile or put away in wardrobes.
  • Lastly – spend time cleaning up the kitchen sides! Clear off anything that doesn’t belong there and put it away – if you find yourself with lots of bits that you need but have nowhere for – then make a “bits and pieces” box and put them in there and away in a cupboard.

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If your clutter is really getting on top of you or you fancy doing a thorough sort out of your home and belongings – or maybe you need some decluttering tips for hoarders – then we’ve got all the help you need for making a start on that!

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  • Mission declutter – our 30 day decluttering challenge, tackling one area of your home a day.

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