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How to keep food fresh longer

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How to keep food fresh for longer – easy storage hacks to help keep food fresh and tasty because saving money is a good thing!

Buying lots of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables is a great way to stay fit and healthy.

Storing your food properly can help it to stay fresher for longer and so you’ll have less waste and that saves money!

How to keep food fresh longer

We’ve got some great food storage hacks and tips to keep food fresh longer and best of all, they’re super simple to do!

fresh strawberries being washed in water and vinegar

How to store lettuce

Lettuce and salad leaves spoil really quickly if not stored properly. The best way to keep salad leaves fresh is to store them in the refrigerator in the plastic wrapper they came in and add a few sheets of paper towels inside the bag.

The paper towels soak up any moisture and stop your lettuce becoming slimy. A quick and easy storage hack.

How to store cut herbs

glass kilner bottle filled with water with fresh cut basil stored in it on a dark blue counter top

If you buy little packs of cut herbs from the supermarket and throw them in the fridge in amongst the vegetables in the crisper drawer then stop.

Cut herbs last a whole lot longer if you look after them like flowers. Put them in a little jam jar or clean empty bottle with water in and keep them on the kitchen windowsill. Change the water daily.

And if you have too many herbs and want to keep them even longer – then finely chop them and tip them into ice cube trays, cover with olive oil and store them in the freezer.

Hmmm bet you’re wondering what else you can freeze aren’t you? Well if you’re thinking can you freeze brownies? Or can you freeze wine? Check here.

Wondering if you can freeze a whole host of other foods and drinks from lettuce and ham, to beer and guacamole then Beezzly probably have the answer!

How to store berries

fresh strawberries being washed in water and vinegar

Beautiful juicy berries not only cost more than regular fruit but they spoil really fast. So it’s a good idea to look after them and store them properly so they last longer.

First of all make up a bowlful of water and vinegar solution (3 cups water to 1 cup vinegar) then dunk the berries into the solution and gently swirl them around. The idea here is that the vinegar cleans the berries and hopefully kills off any mould spores.

fresh strawberries being washed in a joseph joseph green colander

Next drain them in a colander and run under cold tap water to remove the vinegar taste from the berries. Dry the berries as thoroughly as you can through a combination of air drying and blotting on paper towels.

Then store in a paper towel lined box with the lid slightly ajar and keep them out of the crisper draw – put them up on a shelf near the top of the fridge.

How to store avocados

I store avocados in the fridge – they ripen slower and are less likely to over-ripen and turn brown and mushy inside.

If you cut into your avocado and it’s not quite ripe enough, then rub the cut edges with fresh lemon juice, put the avocado halves back together and wrap tightly in cling film and put back in the fridge – check it again the next day.

If you want to store half an avocado – do the same, rub the cut edge with lemon juice, keep the stone in place and wrap in cling film, the store in the fridge.

How to store fresh asparagus

kilner jar filled with water with asparagus stood in it on top of a yellow smeg fridge.

You maybe wondering how to best store asparagus? It’s actually really easy, just cut off the bottom of the asparagus spears, a little bit like you would fresh flowers.

Then stand the asparagus in a clean jam jar filled with a couple of inches of water and fasten a plastic bag over the top of the jar with an elastic band. Store the jar of asparagus in the fridge and change the water daily.

This storage method keeps the asparagus fresher longer.

How to store apples

If you want your apples to last the week and stay fresh and crisp with no blemishes or marks then the best way to store apples is away from other fruit, seriously, they don’t even like being next to each other!

Apples release ethylene gas as they ripen and this speeds up the ripening process of all the fruit around it.

So how should you store apples? Well the best way is to wrap each apple in brown paper and store them in the fridge. The crisper drawer is fine, just don’t squash them or they’ll get bruised.

How to store mushrooms

fresh mushrooms in a white paper bag

When you buy mushrooms from the supermarket they usually come in plastic cartons and are wrapped in plastic wrap.

When you get the mushrooms home, unwrap them and tip them into a paper bag then keep them in the fridge. This will keep mushrooms fresher for longer and stop them getting wet and slimy.

How to store spring onions

Wondering how to store spring onions? The best way is to keep your spring onions fresh and still growing! Is to keep them in a jam jar with a couple of inches of water in the bottom – a little like a vase of flowers.

How to store potatoes

Regular potatoes and sweet potatoes are much happier out of the fridge.

Store your potatoes in a dark, well ventilated space they like to be kept cool and moisture free.

So for a regular kitchen the best thing to do would be to keep them in a wicker basket inside a kitchen cupboard that’s away from the oven and hob.

And if your potatoes are covered in mud – don’t wash them until you’re ready to use them, that way they’ll last longer.

How to store bananas

bananas with the stems wrapped with cling film

The best way to properly store bananas at home is to simply wrap the stems in cling film – this slows down the ripening process, meaning they’ll stay fresher longer and you won’t have to make quite so much banana bread!

How to store tomatoes

bowl of beautiful big juicy vine tomatoes

Now I get it…. you might be tempted to store tomatoes in the fridge to keep them fresher longer but…. If you keep them in a bowl on the kitchen counter top then they’re going to taste a whole lot nicer.

Storing tomatoes at room temperature helps them to stay juicy, sweet and taste so much nicer in your salad or fresh pasta dish.

For more great tips and ideas on how to store food from fresh fruit and vegetables to your favourite pasta dish leftovers then head over to Beezzly to find out.

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