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How to make brilliant balloon rockets

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You’re (well okay the kids) are going to get literally hours of fun with these brilliant balloon rockets. Best of all you only need a few things to make them, a fab activity for a rainy day.

What you need to make balloon rockets

  • string
  • ballon
  • straw – cut in half
  • sticky tape
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How to make balloon rockets

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  • Thread a straw onto your string
  • Tie your string at two points across your house – keep the string straight and tight.
  • Blow up your balloon (we like flashing alien balloons…) but don’t tie it – just hold the end between your fingers so the air doesn’t escape.
  • Use sticky tape to tape the straw to the top of the balloon – remember to keep hold of the end of the balloon!
  • Launch your balloon by letting go of the end of the balloon.

Take things further…

  • Set up balloon races and get some competition going.

Watch a balloon rocket in action…

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