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How to spring clean the bedroom

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How to spring clean the bedroom – download our top to bottom cleaning checklist for really deep cleaning and organising the bedroom.

I don’t hide the fact that I just love a good spring clean.

Going through all my home decluttering, giving rooms a thorough clean so that everything sparkles, putting everything back neat and looking good it really makes me happy.

So this week we’re continuing our spring cleaning theme and heading up to the bedroom.

Again you’ll need to set aside either a morning or an afternoon to give the bedroom a thorough deep clean – if you’re doing kids bedrooms get them helping out to.

As always when doing a big spring clean, get the windows open wide and the music loud, it just makes cleaning so much more uplifting and enjoyable.

Cleaning products you need to spring clean the bedroom

  • Cleaning cloths
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bags/boxes for rubbish and clutter to give away
spring cleaning checklist for the bedroom - free printable

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What is a deep clean?

A deep clean is where you totally declutter your space and clean everything in it from floor to ceiling.

It includes every cupboard, box, shelf and windows, window sills, countertops, EVERYTHING! If it’s there – clean it!

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How to spring clean the bedroom

All our best bedroom cleaning hacks UK style to really give your bedroom a thorough deep clean!

  • Empty the wardrobes and drawers. Sort through your clothes and belongings, get rid of items no longer wanted.
  • Pack away your cold weather clothing and shoes and store neatly away until next autumn/winter.
  • Vacuum and clean the inside of the wardrobe and drawers.
  • Declutter and clean on top of the wardrobes.
  • Declutter and clean all surfaces

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  • Clean door handles and light switches – you might want to do this with a little tea tree infused soapy water – soak cloth in the water and wring out until only just damp. Do not drip water on electrics!
  • Vacuum light shades.
  • Windows – take down and wash the curtains (as per laundry instructions), vacuum and wipe blinds, vacuum window vents, wash the windows and clean the windowsills.

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  • Vacuum underneath and behind all furniture.
  • Vacuum and wipe down all woodwork – doors, skirting boards etc.
  • Wash and store winter bedding and bring out lighter spring/summer bedding.
  • Vacuum the mattress (you’ll be amazed how much dead skin and dust this will remove!
  • Vacuum all parts of the bed.
  • Make up the bed with clean summer – light weight bedding.
  • Vacuum the floor and mop if it’s a suitable surface for mopping.

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Hey! – We hope our cleaning checklist makes your spring cleaning a whole lot easier! We love to see your before and after cleaning photos – tag us on Twitter @daisiesandpieUK or Instagram @daisiesandpie

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