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How To Spring Clean The Living Room

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How to spring clean the living room – download and print our FREE top to bottom cleaning checklist for really deep cleaning and organising the living room.

I just love a good spring clean. Clutter busting, giving the room a proper top to bottom clean so that everything sparkles, putting everything back neat and organised  it really makes me happy.

So we’re continuing our spring cleaning theme and tackling the lounge. As you know I do tend to try to use the more natural non-toxic cleaning products or homemade when I can.

I just think they’re so much better for the environment, better for me and better for using around kids. They also tend to have a much more pleasant scent.

Again you’ll need to set aside either a morning or an afternoon to give the lounge a good spring clean. And, as always when spring cleaning, get the windows open wide and the music loud. Makes it so much better.

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Things You’ll Need To Spring Clean The Living Room

All the cleaning supplies you’ll need to spring clean the living room.

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Any specialist cleaners you may need – like beeswax polish for wood and leather cleaner for leather sofas.
  • Bags/boxes for rubbish and clutter to give away

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How To Spring Clean The Living Room

Step by step checklist for doing a top to bottom spring clean in the living room

  • If you have a chimney arrange to have this professional cleaned prior to your spring cleaning.
  • Clean the fire surround and mantle piece.
  • Dust cornice or ceiling features.
  • Clean light fixtures and light fittings. If you have a ceiling fan, clean this now too.
  • Clean your windows – take down the curtains or drapes, and dry clean or wash them as per the washing instructions. If switching to summer curtains then fold and store winter curtains away neatly. Vacuum and wipe down blinds, vacuum window vents, wash the windows – we use homemade natural window cleaner to do this. Clean the window sills.
  • Empty all the cupboards, sort through your belongings, get rid of items no longer wanted or needed. Vacuum and clean the inside of the cupboards and return your belongings. Arrange them so that frequently used items are easy to access – maybe use storage boxes and baskets inside cupboards so that it’s easier to find things.
  • Declutter and clean all surfaces. Use a duster to polish and buff. Pay special attention to wood furniture and use the proper furniture polish to treat and care for the wood.
  • Clean light switches and door handles

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black framed mirror with bottle of homemade cleaning spray held in front of it.
  • Clean ornaments – any that can be washed in warm soapy water then do so.
  • Vacuum under and behind all furniture.
  • Vacuum and wipe down all woodwork – doors, door frames and skirting boards.
  • Vacuum sofa – underneath any cushions, down crevices – use the upholstery attachment on the vacuum cleaner to do this, take extra care to remove all pet hair.
  • Wash/dry clean any throws or cushion covers – if switching to summer cushions and throws then store winter ones away neatly.
  • Vacuum and clean any area rugs and carpets as per cleaning instructions. Grab our natural carpet freshener here – made with baking soda and lavender.
ingredients for homemade carpet freshener - cup of dried lavender, cup of baking soda and glass jar for mixing with a spoon

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  • Vacuum/mop the floor.

Get the printable checklist for spring cleaning the living room

free printable spring cleaning checklist for the living room with list of cleaning chores

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