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How to wash pillows

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Can you wash pillows in the washing machine? Yes – Follow our simple laundry tips to clean and freshen your pillows easily! 

Why do I need to wash pillows?

Pillows need looking after and cleaning just like everything else in the house. Washing every few months keeps them fresh and clean.

Over time they’ll become dusty and soak up sweat. A quick wash will have them back clean in no time.

It’s best to choose a sunny day to wash pillows then you can line dry them. Some pillows can be dried in a tumble dryer but it’s easier to do the main drying outdoors and just fluff them up in the drier to finish them off.

How to wash pillows in the washing machine

First Always check the label before washing and follow specific care instructions if necessary – remember this method of washing is not suitable for Memory Foam pillows. 

What you need to wash pillows

  • washing machine
  • laundry detergent
  • outdoor drying space

How to wash pillows in a front loading washer

  • remove the pillow cases
  • put two pillows in the washing machine to balance it properly otherwise it won’t spin correctly.
  • add laundry detergent – I skip the fabric softener it’s not really necessary.
  • set the washing machine to do an extra rinse cycle to make sure they’re properly rinsed.
  • once washed – give them a good shake and redistribute the filling then hang them out on the washing line to dry.
  • if they can be tumble dried finish off the drying in the tumble drier. This will fluff the pillows up nicely. 

How to remove stains from pillows

We just LOVE this guide to stain removal from The American Cleaning Institute. Seriously if you’ve got a stain then they’ve got the solution for removing it! 

How often should I wash pillows?

Try to wash pillows through at least every couple of months – and pillow cases should be washed at least every week. 

When to buy new pillows

  • if washing them doesn’t remove all the stains/dirt
  • when they loose fluffiness – if you fold them in half and they don’t spring back open then you’d probably be more comfortable with new pillows.

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freshly laundered pillows. Text overlay "laundry tips - how to wash pillows"

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