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Howdens Ultimate Kitchen Hacks

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Howdens know just how important a great kitchen is and I’m super excited to be collaborating with them on their Ultimate Kitchen Hacks. I LOVE a kitchen hack, anything that makes my life easier always gets a big thumbs up from me.

The kitchen has always been my favourite room, it really is the heart of the home, so much of life is lived out in the kitchen so it makes absolute sense to me to work hard to create a fabulous space that you can really feel at home in.

pale green kitchen with built in table and jade kitchen stools

The modern kitchen often has to be multifunctional, often acting not only as a kitchen space but also a place for family and friends to gather comfortably and feel welcome.

It may also need to incorporate a home office space or include laundry facilities.

under sink storage draw Howden Kitchen

Creating a beautiful space in your home that can be used in a busy modern lifestyle is so much easier if you keep Howdens Ultimate Kitchen Hacks in mind.

When organising the kitchen it’s good to look at including storage and organisation hacks.

Great storage solutions can be built into the kitchen design – as can areas like breakfast bars which can double up as a work from home space during the day.

Organising your kitchen to suit your lifestyle is also key to a happy kitchen. 

Thinking about how you like to cook and adding in elements to streamline it and make it easier – something as simple as having the kitchen compost bin nearby your food preparation area or saucepans on a hanging rack by the hob can make a big difference.

Howden Joinery Kitchen with slide out cupboard with basket storage

When it comes to cleaning, any hacks or tips to make the job easier are always welcomed.

Nobody wants to waste precious time cleaning when there are ways to make things quicker and a lot more simple.

sink on island unit with colander full of apples being rinsed under the tap

Head over to Howdens for the ultimate kitchen hacks to incorporate into your kitchen for an easier life!

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