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Jooki Review

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Advertisement Feature – Jooki Review

We’ve been trying out Jooki – the smart music player for kids with ToyTouch technology perfect for little hands.

Jooki Review

Let me tell you all about Jooki – the smart music player for kids.

Jooki is a very stylish, robust and super easy to use smart speaker for kids.

jooki box and jooki smart card on a white table

It comes complete with five little characters which you can program to play different songs and stories from Spotify (or Deezer) you can also upload MP3 content or stream live internet radio stations.

the back of the jooki box showing the features

Using the Jooki you stay in complete control of what your kids can listen too and keep them focussed on the music/stories and not screen time.

What Comes With A Jooki?

jooki smart speaker with the jooki characters around it

Okay – so in your Jooki box you get…

  • the Jooki speaker – complete with robust carry handle
  • 5 little characters – ToyTouch technology your kids can use to change the music/playlists/stories
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction leaflet

How Many Characters Do You Get With The Jooki?

the jooki characters stood in front of the jooki box

You get five little characters in with your Jooki smart music player – ghost, dragon, fox, whale and knight.

You can buy more tokens and characters from Jooki.

Don’t make my mistake and think you only got four… the little ghost was hiding in amongst the packaging.

Is The Jooki Easy To Set Up?

Yes! So easy – just follow the instructions in the leaflet and on the set up website online.

Connect your Jooki to the wifi – download the app (which is free from iTunes) and you’re ready to go.

Is Using The Jooki Easy?

blonde boy lay on the floor playing with the jooki smart speaker

The Jooki smart speaker for kids couldn’t be easier to use – it’s totally straightforward and all the set up steps are easy to follow.

You do however need a premium spotify account to use the Jooki properly so keep that in mind when purchasing the Jooki.

Spotify premium accounts are around $10 a month so it’s a good value subscription and obviously you can use that with other products – you’re not just tied to the Jooki.

To program all your little characters just use the app – to create simple playlists and then assign the character you want to that playlist. Then leave it to the kids to choose what they want to listen to.

They can control which music they listen to by swapping the little characters on the top of the Jooki – they’ll soon pick up which character corresponds to which music.

The Jooki is perfect for little hands – it’s really robust and feels like it could take being dropped and knocked about which with kids is inevitable!

The chunky carry handle is great for small children to grip, it’s also good for hanging the speaker up with.

Jooki – Key Features

  • You can use Jooki with wifi or offline (with uploads)
  • Portable with 8 hours playtime
  • Great sound – and volume controls mean the kids can’t play it too loud!
  • Jooki is splash proof – although don’t submerge!
  • Jooki is durable – we think it could take a few bumps and knocks no problem.
  • You can use Jooki with Spotify, Deezer or MP3 uploads
  • There’s a little headphone jack
  • There’s a memory card for storing more music (available at extra cost)
  • Can be used as a bluetooth speaker for kids – obviously as long as they’re in range.

What Did We Think Of The Jooki

blonde boy lay on the floor playing with the jooki smart speaker

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Well as a parent – I thought it was a really well made, simple product – visually it looks great and it felt sturdy.

It’s super easy for kids to use and super easy for parents to keep in control of content they can access.

I liked the fact it was screen free – small children don’t need to be glued to screens all day.

The Jooki is very portable – easily carried around or chucked on the back seat of the car for a long car journey.

boy carrying the jooki smart speaker

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I also liked the idea that you could upload stories – these are great for listening too snuggled up warm and cosy in bed as they drift off to bed.

You can upload and record voice messages and stories yourself – this is currently a beta feature on the app – so you’d need to become a beta tester to do this – but this would be a lovely feature for parents who miss bed times due to work or are working away.

And what did the kids think? Well our little toy tester is 8 years old – so he thought the concept was good – and the product really easy to use – but felt it was more suited to younger children and I do agree.

We think it’s absolutely ideal for ages 3-6 years and especially useful if you want to keep the kids music off the HomePod or Alexa!

I liked the fact that they could also use the Jooki as a blue tooth speaker and play music to it from other devices.

This adds to it’s longevity as a toy purchase as when the kids undoubtedly move on to more complex tech-devices it can still be used as a speaker.

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Where To Buy Jooki

Jooki is available to buy online at Jooki – currently on sale at £128.50 (price correct on 16/11/19 – check website for current price)

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