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Kids Chores

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Getting kids involved in helping out with household chores is a great way to teach them team work and responsibility – we’ve loads of age-appropriate chore ideas right here.

It’s only right that kids learn to help out around the house from an early age.

Not only does this teach them how to do the actual chores but also gives them a sense of team work and responsibility.

Be clear on what you expect your kids to help out with, any rewards that they’ll get be it pocket money, TV or computer privileges, little treats or trips out.

From around age 8+ kids like a chore chart they can tick off and see their progress and accomplishments.

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Kids Chores by Age

Kids Chores List for Pre-school children

This age group is mainly just helping out an adult with their chores.

  • tidying up toys
  • making beds
  • helping sort laundry
  • helping to dust or vacuum

Preschool children will usually help out in exchange for stickers, trips to the park or an extra bedtime story.

Chores List for Kids Aged 5-8

  • tidying up toys
  • making beds
  • tidying bedrooms
  • helping to dust and vacuum
  • helping take out recycling
  • keeping their school things organised
  • helping with laundry & putting clothes away
  • helping to cook meals (always supervise kids preparing & cooking food)
  • setting the table/helping to clear away after meals

This age range are usually happy to do chores in exchange for computer time, sweets, trips to the park, bike rides or extra time to play before bed.

Kids Chores List Aged 9-12

  • tidying and cleaning bedroom
  • making beds
  • dusting and vacuuming
  • emptying recycling and bins
  • keeping school things organised
  • helping with laundry & putting clothes away
  • helping to prepare and cook meals
  • setting table/clearing away after meals
  • washing up/drying up/loading dishwasher
  • cleaning school shoes
  • washing the car
  • taking care of pets
  • helping in the garden

This age range like to have a tick sheet which shows them how they’re progressing and how close they are to their reward. Usually this is pocket money.

Kids Chores Aged 12 +

This age range should be learning properly with supervision how to do all household chores everything from cleaning bathrooms, to doing laundry and ironing, cooking meals, taking care of their school things, organising their belongings, keeping bedroom clean. It’s a good idea to agree set chores and for this age range pocket money as a reward works best.

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