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Kids Summer Crafts – Make a Wind Catcher

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Simple scented wind catchers are the perfect summer craft for kids – they look super pretty and smell amazing!

Summer Crafts for Kids!

Summer crafts are a great way to keep kids entertained through the summer holidays and a nature crafts are a lovely way to add decoration to the garden.

Young kids love to make these gorgeous wind catchers, they’re fun to put together, beautiful to watch in the wind and make lovely homemade garden decorations for summer parties or picnics.

We love this simple wind catcher design just using ribbons, which are really easy for kids to tie and decorating the top with freshly picked lavender which just smells beautiful every time the breeze catches it. 

These are lovely hung in the trees in the garden or by the door where the lavender scent catches the breeze.

kids craft wind catcher with lavender and ribbons hanging from a tree in the garden

What you need to make wind catchers

  • wire circle or wreath ring – you can buy these from crafts shops or on Amazon.
  • garden string
  • different coloured ribbons – again head to the craft shops or buy bundles from Amazon.
  • handful of lavender stems – we grow this all over in the garden because it’s a happy bee plant!

How to make wind catchers

  • Tie two lengths of string to the top of the wire circle, these are the hanging strings.
small boy making a wind catcher in the garden - tying the string onto the wreath ring ready to hang in the trees
  • Cut the ribbons into different lengths and tie them onto the wire circle so they hang down.
small boy making wind catchers in the garden - tying the ribbons onto the wreath ring
  • Use string to tie lavender bunches to the top of the wind catcher wire ring.
  • Then hang your wind catcher in the garden from a tree.
kids craft wind catcher with lavender and ribbons hanging from a tree in the garden

Make wind catchers your way…

  • Tie small bells onto the ends of the ribbons to create tinkly sounds in the wind.
  • Tie nature hunt finds to the ribbons, pine cones, twigs, feathers, any interesting bits the kids have found.

More kids summer crafts for you to try…

  • Paper Loop Ladybug  – this is a fab paper craft for kids – you can even wear it on your wrist as a bracelet once you’ve made them and don’t just stick to ladybugs – make bees too!

Save our wind catcher craft on Pinterst for later!

kids wind catcher craft hanging in the trees with ribbons and lavender blowing in the wind. Text "kids summer craft - make a wind catcher"

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