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Leftover Ham Recipes

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Don’t let that Christmas ham go to waste! Here’s our FAVOURITE leftover ham recipes to help you make the most of your festive feast!

Christmas Dinner is a total festive treat. Plates piled high with roast turkey and Christmas ham, roast potatoes and all the trimmings. 

But… there’s no way all that ham will be eaten and so it’s a great idea to have some tasty dinner recipes for leftover ham to make the most of your food and save money!

Okay.. here at Daisies & Pie our five favourite ways to eat ham leftovers are super easy and so tasty!

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Leftover Ham Sandwiches – Leftover Ham Recipes UK Style!

You just can’t go wrong with a ham sandwich! 

Grab your favourite bread – when it comes to a ham sandwich you can’t beat a good barmcake (If you live in Manchester then you need to grab yourself some Fletchers Barms, you won’t regret it!)

Split open the barmcake and load it up with leftover ham, add a smattering of mayonnaise a dab of English mustard and a handful of fresh, crunchy salad.

If you’ve any leftover turkey then throw that in the sandwich too.

Top with cranberry sauce, apple sauce and any leftover stuffing. Then squash it all together and eat! 

Ranch Pasta Salad – Leftover Christmas Ham Recipes

easy ranch pasta salad in a blue and white serving bowl on a white table

A ranch pasta salad is a great way to use up leftover ham. And you can serve it as part of a Boxing Day buffet.

A filling pasta dish loaded with leftover ham and salad vegetables in a creamy, tangy ranch dressing. Super easy and so delicious!

Get our Ranch Pasta Salad recipe here.

Pasta With Ham And Peas – Recipes For Leftover Ham

tagliatelle with ham and peas recipe, quick pasta recipe with ham, peas, creamy cheese sauce

A quick and easy pasta dish made with leftover ham and frozen peas served with tagliatelle in a creamy, garlicky cheesy sauce. And all ready in around 10 minutes. Perfect for a quick and easy meal to use up leftovers.

Get our Ham And Pea Pasta recipe here.

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Easy Ham Salad – Healthy Leftover Ham Recipes

ham salad recipe, easy ham salad, best ham salad, quick midweek dinner, easy family food

After all that rich food, sometimes it’s nice to lighten things up with a big, beautiful ham salad.

Load those plates up high with fresh salad, leftover Christmas ham and cheese.

Get our Ham Salad recipe here.

Ham and Cheese Toastie

Toastie maker it’s your time to shine! There’s literally no better place for leftover ham than tucked into a nice, big, fat toastie!

Stuff that Toastie full of ham, Christmas cheeses, dollop in the cranberry sauce and – then make the cheese and ham toastie in the air fryer! Total comfort food and just what Boxing Day needs.

More Tasty Ideas For Leftover Gammon and Ham

Leftover Ham Recipes

Super tasty ways to use up that leftover Christmas ham.

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