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Leprechaun Hat Craft for Kids

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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with the kids with our super simple paper Leprechaun hat craft.

These cute little party hats are great for even young children to make and have fun with and perfect for throwing yourself into the St Patrick’s day vibe. 

Our St Patrick’s Day party hats can be ready in just minutes and you’ll only need a few craft supplies to make them.

What you need to make our leprechaun hat craft

  • pale green A3 paper (Or tape two A4 sheets together)
  • dark green A4 paper
  • black A4 paper
  • gold glitter
  • glue stick
  • sticky tape
  • scissors 

How to make our Leprechaun Hat Craft

homemade green paper leprechaun hat

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  • measure a strip of pale green paper around your child’s head and then tape the paper together to form a simple paper crown. 
  • cut out a rectangle and a square from the dark green paper – this will be the hat shape.
  • cut out a thin rectangle from the black paper – this will be the ribbon/strap on the hat.
  • glue the green rectangle and square together in a hat shape and glue them onto the hat.
  • glue on the black strap decoration.

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  • draw a buckle embellishment with glue onto the front of the black strap decoration then sprinkle over the gold glitter. 
homemade green paper leprechaun hat. Text overlay says "St Patricks Day Crafts Leprechaun Hats"

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