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Let’s All Go Blackberry Picking

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A BRILLIANT guide to blackberry picking, where to find blackberries, when to pick blackberries and delicious blackberry fruit recipes to make with your foraged haul.

By the end of August into early September we’ll be in the midst of blackberry picking season.

So what are you waiting for? Get your coat and your little baskets (oh. okay… old sandwich box and little plastic bags…) and lets get going.

Children really enjoy the simple excitement of blackberry picking and searching out good juicy ones. It’s a lovely way to spend a few hours.

blackberry picking - mother and young child off blackberry picking in the lanes during autumn

Blackberry Picking – When Are Blackberries In Season?

Blackberry season UK can start as early as the beginning of August depending on the weather.

Although it’s more common to find ripe blackberries towards the end of August and into September. You may even still find good wild blackberries into October.

Where To Pick Blackberries Near Me?

Where to find blackberries – you’ll find blackberries hiding in the hedgerows, even in the cities.

Try the canal banks and quieter roads and even wasteland.

Only pick the ones up high, leave the low fruit it’s probably been used by dogs….

And don’t go trespassing or you’ll get in trouble!

blackberry picking - child with hand full of freshly picked blackberries  with blackberry brambles in the distance

When Do Blackberries Ripen?

You’ll start to see big juicy ripe blackberries on the brambles from as early as the beginning of August.

The best time to pick blackberries in UK though is late August and into September.

Blackberry Picking – Which Blackberries Are Good To Pick?

The best blackberries to pick are the nice shiny black ones that come easily from the brambles when pulled.

Leave the ones that aren’t quite ripe for another day or another blackberry picker. If the blackberries are red or still green then they’re not ripe. Leave them on the brambles.

Also worth reminding young children that the brambles are really prickly and they need to be careful not to get hands full of little thorns.

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Blackberry Picking – How Many Blackberries Can I Pick?

The general ‘rule’ of foraging is to take only what you need and leave some for others.

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What To Do With Blackberries After Picking?

Preparing blackberries is simple – check out our guide on how to wash blackberries and how to freeze blackberries and how to store blackberries properly here.

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yellow bowl full of freshly picked blackberries

What Can I Make With Blackberries?

We just love blackberry fruit recipes – any of the delicious treats below are great to make with your foraged blackberries especially if you’re wondering how to cook blackberries.

If you’re wondering what to do with fresh picked blackberries, you just can’t beat a delicious crumble!

  • Apple and Blackberry Crumble – one of the nicest autumn desserts is a crumble. Warm and sticky from the oven and splashed with warm, thick creamy custard or with vanilla ice-cream melting into it.
  • Blackberry Muffins – lovely squidgy muffins that would be oh so perfect with a cup of coffee.
  • Berry Smoothie Bowl delicious berry packed smoothie bowl recipe that’s ideal for a simple, healthy breakfast.

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